Tuesday, May 12

Why I Am Not Tan Yet

I do not swim 4600 yards everyday in an outdoor competition pool.
Hannah DOES.


Redhead in Vegas said...

The three of us opened our pool this morning. Tan lines here we come!

Liz said...

So, the other day I am in the pool with my Dad & Abby. My dad is trying to get Abby to kick properly as he holds her up.
I begin to tell Abby how my Dad taught me how to swim when I was little like her (and, btw - our official "test" was "to the Raft & back" - see how appropo (sp) my Blog is in my life?
Anyway - so Abby says, "show me how you swim, mama."
I'm like "errrrr... ok." And I proceed to do one lap in our far less than Olympic size pool, under the peer pressure of my 3-year old and my father's stare.
I was winded. One perfect lap (well, as close to prefect as I could pull out) and I was WIPED.
Your kids are amazing. :)

LaAna said...

Now THAT is a serious tan line!

Kim said...

Da-yum! That's quite a tan. She needs to even that out!

Emily said...

My feet look like that after spending so much time at the ballfields.

Denise said...

The swimmers take on the farmers tan! She is a love.

iVegasFamily said...

Wow...brown girl. At least she doesn't burn.