Monday, May 4

When pictures say the wrong thousand words

While it may seem,
that the morning here is calm and organized,
and Garrin is ready for school with a little extra time
to sit in the dog bed with Lucy and catch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
on the tube before school, let this be no real indication of how today is going
to play out, by any means.

So here's a little HELLO MONDAY.
Be kind to me.
The coffee pot is officially empty.
Let the caffeine-buzz begin.
I'm gonna need it today!


LaAna said...

I hear ya! If I WAS a coffee drinker, today would've been a double (Maybe I'm getting my drinks that I DON'T drink confused?). Well, good luck out there....

Liz said...

Had about 5 cups today - that's at least 2 more than usual!
Gotta love Monday!!

(And gotta love a clean, ready-for-school kid rolling around in a dog hair field! LOL)