Tuesday, May 19

Take Me Back Tuesday

July 21, 2001
the day after Hannah's fourth birthday
and obviously 4 to 5 years before
the baby fat came off.

What the hell was I feeding Connor back then?
Holy Roly Poly!

This was taken at the Disneyland Hotel pool.
This was our first of many, many visits to Disneyland!


Kim said...

So very cute! Gosh, how much she's changed, huh?

And Connor really looks like Garrin in that picture! Love that buddha belly!

Liz said...


Now - how about that dark cloud you mentioned last week?

an impatient reader (husband) said...

Nice picture!! Now how about.. It's Wednesday already and where is the new post, post?

Denise said...

Soooo cute! Who knew what those two kiddos would be up to just a few years after this picture was taken!!

iVegasFamily said...

It's weird that in terms of numbers, 2001 wasn't that long ago. Based on the pictures though, time is flying by.