Tuesday, May 12

Take Me Back Tuesday

Mount Charleston
Las Vegas, NV

Couple things. This was our first winter here in Nevada.
We thought it would be super cool to head up the mountain
to check out the snow because that would be the only time and/or
place we would be seeing it for the entire winter...the entire year for that matter.
Well we all went up in sneakers, I believe I had Keds on.
We had sold all our winter coats and boots before leaving Connecticut.
It was darn cold up there. We took a few pictures.
We stayed about 8 minutes.

And yes, Bill was bulimic at the time.
Just kidding.

He was a vegetarian, back then. Gave up
meat because he'd gotten a kidney stone and good ol' Dr. Herbst
diagnosed himself. Meat was the enemy.

I happen to love this picture of him. He has been told often
that he was TOO skinny.
Why is it that I wouldn't mind being TOO skinny,
right about now?


Dr. Herbst said...

Thanks for the inspiration.... Love the picture!!

Denise said...

Great picture!

Kim said...

I just can't get over how little Hannah and Connor are in this picture. So cute!

And count me in the camp of thinking Bill's too skinny in this picture.

Can't believe we've never gone up to Mt. Charleston in all the times we've been out there. Next time for sure.

Liz said...

Let's go up there when we come out - I'll bring you some boots.
And I'll make Bill some cakes & bring them with us.
Just kidding.
I can't carry cakes in my suitcase!


Redhead in Vegas said...

Can I be skinny like Bill? Nice pic, btw.

iVegasFamily said...

At least this past year we didn't have to go up to Mt. Charleston for was in the front yard. Great pic.