Tuesday, May 5

Take Me Back Tuesday

With temps in the mid-90's around here this week,
our pool emptied, scrubbed, refilled and all sparkly clean and fresh,
City of Henderson wondering whats up with the huge spike in water usage
and hearing about my sister's weekend at Cape Cod,
it's Beach Time Baby.

August 1, 2002

A trip back east. Ogunquit Maine.

Connor was not quite two.
It must have taken a half an hour to get him to even
be OK with putting his feet on the sand.
(texture issues)

Man, his hair was blond.....


Liz said...

Oh man - I cannot WAIT to get Wywy on the beach next week.
Connor is precious!

LaAna said...

But now look at him... the boy lives in the water! And what about you and your short do - SASSY! Are you gonna miss it in the hot weather???

Kim said...

I remember that trip. Man, he was such a towhead!