Sunday, May 31

Sunday - A day of rest.

Yeah, right...

It turned out to be a day to actually spend together, all five of us,
enjoying the backyard.
And to catch up to our kids in the tanning department.....

So we are not really sure how this guy:
(who apparently is hosting his family in this tree)

or this guy:
or this guy:
and even this guy:
hung around the backyard with us today....

while this:
some of this:
and this:
a little of this:
and of course this:
and then this:
with this:
didn't make them want to visit some other (quiet) yard today.

It was a great day today!


Liz said...

omg - look at Hannah's BACK! awesome.

Gini - those shots of Garrin jumping in to Bill - OMG - they make my heart ache and I don't even know him (or any of you, ok ok...).
He is just so cute!! And so BIG and BRAVE and ready to be like his big sis and bro!! SO STINKIN CUTE!!

Liz said...

Ok, I'm a stalker cuz I just had to come right back and ask you -
Can you post some pool pics, please? I have GOT to see that thing - I am so jealous!
("jealous" in a good, happy, wish-I-could-come-over way... not in a I-should-have-it-not-you-so-I-secretly-resent-you sort of way.) LMAO!

Kim said...

Sounds and looks like a perfect day! Hannah's tan lines are too funny!

Love the new sidebar pics - send me those, please.

Denise said...

Many memories are made on days like this one!!!! And are those first few shots are so cool - love the hummingbird! XO

Debbie said...

I want to go swimming! It snowed in the Adirondacks on Sunday...we are not swimming any time soon!