Friday, May 29

So this morning I told Bill

that I was pregnant with triplets,
that Hannah wanted to start dating,
that Connor wants to play lacrosse next year instead of soccer,
that Garrin is going to live with my sister,
I'm ready to trade in my truck for a BMW crossover,
and I'm putting the house on the market so we can move to Tortola....

but he is a tad preoccupied....
getting ready this morning
for tonight's first tournament game for the Scorpions.

I am pretty confident that
he won't remember a word I said to him....
because I'm not even sure he knew I was awake this morning.
(I am thankful though, that he chose to wear his lucky plaid boxers!!)

Good luck to Bill and his boys tonight!


Denise said...

WhooHoo!!! Good luck, Scorpions!

Kim said...

Go Scorpions!!!

And I'll be waiting for Garrin at the airport...

Trisha said...

Go Scorpions !! You are Rock Stars !!! And you all have awesome Shins !!!

Liz said...

I kept meaning to comment on this - hence my consistent traffic and lack of action - I kept getting sidetracked.
I just wanted to say - I LOVE THOSE PICS! Look how focused that guy is!
So funny & cute!

And I would say "Good Luck" but it's over already!