Saturday, May 30

Never EVER drink coffee...

right before your son's tournament soccer game against the toughest team in the age division.

There are no pictures here.
- I was so jittery and on edge, that I couldn't even think of taking photos.
-I was biting my nails for 1 hour, hence not being able to actually hold the camera.

To say it was an intense game, would be putting it mildly.
Our boys brought every ounce of energy they had,
but still took a loss this morning.
Much to our dismay, the referee was not calling
some seriously blatant intentional pushing and elbowing by one of the players
on the opposing team.
(I have never felt the desire to actually smack another kid,
but today I had to control myself).
Losing a game to a great team, is never a problem.
But when the coach of that great team, allows his players
to play "dirty", it just isn't right.
As far as Bill goes, he does not EVER tolerate "dirty" play.
He puts a stop to it immediately.
Unlike the other coach, who's poor reputation
will always follow him for not being accountable for his kids actions
and allowing the kind of play that we all saw today.
Oh well, right??? (bitch bitch bitch...)

Tonight's game was another win for the boys,
but they didn't make it to tomorrow's final game.
They played another outstanding game,
as they did this morning,
and we are all so proud of them.

Party time on Monday,
where they can all just enjoy the great season they worked so hard at!

I happen to love the end of the season,
where Bill is his most proud and any second thought
he has ever given to "giving up coaching"
flies right out the window.



Liz said...

Dude. I went to one soccer game for my friend's kid and I was ready to put some kids out cold.
And it wasn't even my kid's game!! I am going to be a maniac when my day comes!
Cheers to a terrific season - it went by so quickly, didn't it?!
Loved the pics - and the hair-dos!

Denise said...

Excellent season, but more importantly, as Bill teaches, excellent sportsmanship. That's the best! X0

Kim said...

I remember feeling that way at the game we went to. It's hard not to get all riled up.

Congrats to everyone on a great season. Enjoy the time off!