Tuesday, May 26

lots and lots and lots of swimming

Due to sheer exhaustion on the mommy's part,
you know, because the two that swam all weekend were perfectly fine,
I didn't give an update to the swim meet.

Reader's Digest Condensed Version:
Connor who is eight swam with the nine and ten year olds,
just for whoo-haws,
and because they get to swim wayyyyy cooler stuff!
He was on FIRE!
If there was ever a question about confidence issues for him
let us refer back to Saturdays photo of his arm
during backstroke.
Take a minute to go and look.
I'll wait til you come back.

Yeah. He rocked it.

Hannah - need I say it for the thousand-th time.
She is a LUNATIC.
Plain and Simple.
Because of that lunacy-
she has found her little niche right now
and SHE is callin' it hers!

Because she has been swimming Open events,
(11 years and older long distance she swims against girls
up to about 17 years old..............)
she was "lacking" in a couple of Junior Olympic times for her shorter
distance freestyle events. So she decided to swim those to ensure having
the recorded times and then chose the 800 meter freestyle
Saturday and the 1500 meter freestyle Sunday "to try something new".
1/2 mile and mile.

She achieved a Summer Junior Olympic time for the 800 freestyle....
for 13 to 14 year old girls. She's 11.

Sunday she swam the mile in under 20 minutes and got another
Summer Junior Olympic time,
for 13 to 14 year old girls!!!!!!
As she pulled herself up out of the water,
she was shaking and started to cry.
And I thought to myself - oh my God, did I MAKE my kid do this?
Did I push this on her???

So her coach told her to get back in the water and cool down with
and easy 1000 yards. While Hannah was in the water, Debbie told me
that Hannah would feel much better after she finished up her cool-down,
and low and behold, my little 4ft 10 in crazy daughter,
got out and said -

Crazy I tell ya'.
So while we're at it,
why leave Garrin out of the mix.
I'm thinking "swim team by the time he's five"....

What do you think?


iVegasFamily said...

All of your kids rock!!! Garrin definitely looks like he's going to be competition for older bro and sis.

Debbie said...

Ditto...your kids rock!

Coach Bill said...

Maybe I will open a swim camp for kids.. Connor was my first student (well, actually Gini was). Garrin is well on his way...

Coach Bill said...

and a big THANKS to Coach Debbie for kick starting his career!! Whenever you are ready, he is all yours!! I'm sticking to soccer....

Kim said...

Those are some serious Swim Kids you've got!!

Love how Garrin just leaps off the edge!

Denise said...

I'm thinking you missed tmbt and that your kids rock. XO

Jerolyn said...

Crazy...all of em, crazy and talented and cute! Congrats on your news today BTW!!!