Monday, May 18

It's no secret

that my daughter bugs the crap outta me sometimes.
.........All the drama of being an 11 year old
.......saying she brushed her teeth when I know she didn't
.........eating constantly and leaving the mess everywhere
........wet swim towels on the carpet
.........wearing the same two bathing suits to workout everyday for a month
..........texting allllll the way home from school, without saying one word to me

so on and so forth.

Through all of this, I proved my unequivocal love for her
nonetheless, yesterday.
I drove for 8 hours.
4 hours to California and 4 hours back home.

But it was worth every, stinking solitary minute in the car,
to take Hannah where she needed to be.

We made a trip to Anaheim for the Southern California
National Top 10 Swimming Awards.
To make an extremely long story short -
Top 10 swimmers are recognized within our Local Swimming Committee
in each age category........except 10 and unders, from the previous swim year.
They only recognize the top 3 swimmers in 10 and under group.

Hannah was #2 for her 100 Breaststroke.
Her relay team was also recognized for placing second for three separate relays.
I didn't think it was that big of a "thing" until we got there.
I felt honored to be in a room with all these of which was my daughter.
These kids worked their butts off,
and deserved every bit of the attention they got.

Here is Hannah with her fellow relay swimmer Becca and the head coach of
the team, Coach Mike.
I couldn't be more happy for Hannah.
She makes me proud, not only for her hard, hard work,
but the amount of confidence she exudes -
strutting her stuff up on the stage in front of a room FULL of people,
without a second look back!
Love that about her!
And besides the fact that my girl's got some killer calves...
........go on the picture....,
I know you want to look at them full size!
And hey, anything that gets her in a dress.....
well, that's got to be something special!

Mark Warkentin - open water Olympic Swimming champion
was the speaker. He was very down to earth and gave the kids a lot
of very good advice. He also gave autographs at the end of the banquet.
So all crap is forgotten - as my daughter laid draped over the couch
with her head in her laptop, ignoring all around her, all her junk still in my car,
dress and new shoes strewn on the floor all over her room,
with the top of her pajama bottoms rolled down just close enough
to her hip bone to make me yell at her....

because I love her more than ever.


Denise said...

That girl rocks and so do her parents!!

Jerolyn said...

can I have Hannahs legs?

Kim said...

Outstanding achievement - she deserves it for as hard as she works.

Dayum - those are some high heels! And some kick-a$$ calves!