Monday, May 11

I'm no hoarder

As a matter of fact,
I am the complete opposite.
I throw everything out.
Sometimes things get thrown out way before
they SHOULD be thrown out even.

Which is one reason I am writing this post.
It is a letter Connor wrote me for Mother's Day this year.
It's a nice handmade card from school, in his very best handwriting,
(cursive!!....not too shabby, for a boy, actually..)

But on this blog I will always have a hard copy of it
for when
in case
I throw away the card.

I've definitely written on here before about how I have struggled
in past with Connor. Not sure if I am being a good enough parent for him.
I worry most about how he is growing up, how he is feeling,
what he is thinking. He is a very difficult kid to read. With him, it is
work for me. I make a concerted effort each and everyday to make him
feel special and unique and to try to tear him away from being the "middle child".
I don't know, I think boys feel it more. Maybe I am wrong.

Anyhoo. It is always reassuring when you know you have scored big time
as a parent. I got proof of that this weekend. As much as I say I love all my kids
equally at all times, I loved Connor just a bit more after getting his note. My heart
was so full just knowing that I have reached a part of him I once thought unreachable.

Here is his letter.

The Best Mom

My Mom is Special! My Mom is special because she makes me eggs when I wake up. I like it when my Mom dances in the car. My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at making me laugh. My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by doing the robot when we're dancing. My mom is as pretty as a flower. My Mom is smart! She even knows a lot of the math facts I don't know. I love you Mom!
By Connor H.

Through all the challenging aspects of parenting -
"I think she is best at making me laugh"
replaces every agonizing moment I have that I am not doing the right thing.
If at the end of the day, your kids can't laugh with you....WOW...
It's all I could hope for...

LOVE that kid!


Jerolyn said...
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Jerolyn said...

~ Very cute letter. What a sweet kid that Conner is. I still have two very similar letters like that that my girls made me in Kindergarten(amongst container after container of other SHTUFF)

...with that being said~ you know how I feel about throwing stuff like that away. Starting today you better start holding on to that SHTUFF guuuurrrrl

Chris said...

connor is a good kid, and you are a great mother!

Kim said...

What a sweet card, and I agree with Jerolyn - you'd better save it! You can't see his cute little handwriting on a computer screen. Most things are so much better in person than on the internet.

Kids really do say it best, don't they?

Liz said...

I have saved everything so far. I throw out stuff, like you - I don't hoard anything. But I have almost every single thing Abby has made so far and I have vowed to save each and everything to come.
My parents saved nothing. Well, my mom has an envelope, I think, of a few things... but I want to display every last thing at Abby's Bridal Shower and then Baby Shower some day...
And for Wyatt - same deal. Display, save, treasure.

Anyhoo - back to you. That boy of yours is PRECIOUS. What a sweet, innocent, loving testament to his mama.

Denise said...

He is such a great kid and you are a wonderful mom!

carissa... bown eyed fox said...

thta has to be... IS... the sweetest thing ever!

you pretty flower you! :)
oh but wait... pretty AND smart...
with all that math facts!

you're doing GREAT mom!