Saturday, May 2

a final thought on today

pondering the word (I've crossed out the definitions that don't apply)


1. somebody who works for nothing: somebody who works without being paid
2. somebody acting voluntarily: somebody who does something voluntarily, especially something undesirable
3. voluntary recruit to armed forces: somebody who has freely offered to serve in the armed services
4. cultivated plant growing naturally: a cultivated plant, especially a crop plant, that grows without having been intentionally sown or planted

5. somebody acting without legal obligation: a participant in something who is not legally bound to participate and does not expect to be paid
6. somebody given property: a recipient of property who does not have to pay for it or give anything in return
7. Southeastern U.S. agriculture second crop in same season: a second crop or growth of grass in the same season, after the first harvest or mowing

1. offer free help: to do charitable or helpful work without receiving pay for it
2. do something by choice: to perform, or offer to perform, work of your own free
3. tell something without being asked: to tell somebody something or give information without being asked
4. offer somebody else's help: to suggest somebody else as a helper
5. offer to do military service: to offer to serve in one of the armed services without being required by law to join


Let's get this out in the open right now. If you are going to be my 'friend'
and continue to get along with me, you might want to print out this blog post,
and re-read what a volunteer is over and over again until you understand it.

Join us. We are a great group. We are a team. We help each other out. We've
got each other's backs. The kids all benefit in the end. And isn't that worth it???



Jerolyn said...

K' I', gonna go ahead and volunteer to call you and find out what on earth you are referring to!

Kim said...

Ohhhh boy.....

Redhead in Vegas said...