Wednesday, May 6

The Dentist

The boys both went to the dentist yesterday bright and early
right before school. Hannah's lucky day is bright and early,
but not until next week.

We went through the whole fear of Hannah possibly needing braces

And Connor is really going through that questionable phase right now.
Teeth missing.
Teeth coming in.
Lots of spaces.
Not sure what the heck is going on in his mouth.
Doesn't look good to the non-dental eye.

So a big sigh of relief when the dentist said Connor's teeth
were all coming in nicely so far.
(fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed)

So on to this little guy.

He has been seeing his dentist for 2 years now and it was the first time
that he went back for his cleaning all by himself.....
well, without ME.
He went back at the same time as Connor.

When I was invited back to talk with the dentist,
she asked the hygienist how Garrin had done during his cleaning
and she made this face

that I wanted to walk right over and slap

and said that he was giving her a bit of a hard time and was squirmy

uhhh, yeah, bitch, he is three and you've got a twirling, spinning metal thing
with sandy paste shoved in his mouth, while a sucking plastic tube is hanging off his cheek

and that one of his teeth measure "high" on their little cavity measuring tool.

Did I mention he is three?

Back to the almost-cavity. The dentist asked if he drinks a lot of juice or soda.
And I said "No, of course he doesn't drink a lot of juice."

"But he does drink an excessive amount of soda."

So there you have it. I admitted to the dentist that I am rotting my
kids teeth with soda. Hannah was not allowed to have soda until she was like
six. Connor.....about 4. Garrin....yup....right in the bottle.

Just kidding.

Too, too soon, though. So very, very bad of me.

So this household is officially

We are just waiting to hear if the dental insurance
will approve the procedure,
and then Garrin will be back for a little
nitrous oxide fun
and while he's busy with that, maybe I will have an opportunity to
kick that hygienist's dumb ass.


iVegasFamily said...

If the kids need braces, email me. My employer (an institution of higher education) offers them at half the normal cost.

LaAna said...

I HATE the dentist! But this reminds me I need to schedule my boys appointment for a new doctor here. Teni has yet to see the dentist, I know - GASP - so we'll see what the hygienist has to say about HIM. I can only imagine!

Liz said...

omgoodness... that little collage of that beautiful boy was just perfect.
What a cutie-pie.
I'd give him soda, too. :)

Kim said...

Seriously....what did she expect? Of course he's gonna be squirmy.

Soda or no soda, those are some good lookin' teeth!

Denise said...

I agree - those are good looking choppers! Dental stuff sucks and so expensive!!!