Saturday, May 16

Connor finally came to a soccer game

You know, my son, Connor, who we all know and love.
He's has had a rough season.
He's been a bit intimidated by the fact that
Bill played the team up an age group this year.
Boys are older
maybe been together a little longer.
Connor has been a bit "absent".
Not really playing like he's played in the past,
and definitely not playing to his potential.

Connor came and
ROCKED IT today!

Everyone was in awe.
Our assistant coach even joked to me how it
was nice that Connor decided to "play" during our last game.
The crazy thing was.......
........these kids they played against
were HUGE!

So much for my theory of intimidation.
Onto Spring Tournament now.
Hope he stays in the same mind set he was in today!


Denise said...

Awesome when we finally overcome something and get back access to our mad skillzzzz! Oh, and the mowhawk rocks.

Liz said...

Oh yeah - that mohawk is so awesome!!!

Kim said...

Way to rock it, Con Man!

Jerolyn said...

I agree...he's rockin' the hawk!