Friday, May 15

Appreciation for Teachers

The whole week has been Teacher Appreciation Week at Connor and Garrin's school.
A whole week dedicated to the staff, faculty and educators.
A time to honor all that they do.

Nationally it was celebrated last week,
ours this week.
Needless to say,
I have been a tiny bit busy.

So I am writing this on the final day of this week,
in case I didn't say all that I should have,
or haven't conveyed all that I would have liked
in words or in actions.

While gifts are terrific
(did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Blackberry Storm
that I got for Mother's Day?????)
and diamonds, well, need I say more??
I think it is one's words or actions
that have the most impact.
Mrs. Carnaby, Garrin's teacher.
Besides the fact that from the very first day of school, when he took her hand and never looked
back for me, he has been in love with her. And how could he not? You can just be with her for a
minute and feel the love that she has for ALL the children in her class. And these are special education children. Children that may not always be so easy to love all the time. Ask me. I
know a little. Kids with special needs are hard. Garrin is only dealing with speech issues and
we struggle. Imagine other delays, other issues. Imagine 10 of them all at once in a classroom.
I can't. And that is why God gave us people like Mrs. Carnaby. She can love these kids no
matter what, and give them the best 4 hours a day, that we, as parents, cannot deny. As much
as I have always wanted to be the one for my kids to take all they can from, teachers give them
parts and pieces of things that we cannot. And I have learned to let that happen. It
takes a lot to entrust your 3 year old to another human being. And I have been able to
do that easily with her. Since October, I have enjoyed watching the person Garrin is
becoming. My little boy is no longer who I want him to be, but who he really is.
And he is loving, and outgoing, and helpful, and polite, and excited to go to school each
and every day thanks to Mrs. Carnaby.

I am so glad Garrin will have the opportunity to be with her one more year
before starting kindergarten. I love knowing it will be her getting him ready!

on to

Miss Fischer, Connor's teacher
Second time around is always a charm, should I say? Miss Fischer was Hannah's 4th grade
teacher, so of course the second I found out she was going to teach third grade, I knew my
Connor had to have her. So much so, that I had to request Track 3 to get her. For those of
you that don't know Track 3 - well, to put it mildly - it FRIGGIN sucks. You track out of
school for 3 weeks at a time every six weeks or so. So just when the kids are really grasping
a new concept.....they track out of school and forget it all. It sucks. Connor will pretty much be
going to school all summer and can almost - be in third grade, go to lunch, and then start
fourth grade. Not really but I think he has like a one week break before starting his
new year of school. Back to Miss Fischer. She rocks.......She rocks at instilling so
much self confidence in her kids. Connor has made a transformation for sure. She has brought
a lot of her fourth grade curriculum into the class and her kids have grabbed onto it
willingly and worked on skills that they will only have to fine tune next year. She is young,
and energetic. And those kids hang on to her every word. She has brought a class
of all different abilities and strengths and made them into a team. A team that works
together. A team that loves her and loves third grade more than they ever expected.
And I love her as well.

So the week ends with all the hoopla that surrounds the celebration of this
Teacher Appreciation Week 2009,
and I end with the hope that
anyone that has touched the life of one of my three kids,
knows the depth of my gratitude for what they do for ALL children.
They are indeed, special gifts.


Liz said...

That's nice, Gini.
Nice that you are so in touch and in tune with the kids' lives and schools and teachers, specifically. Love that!

Kim said...

There really are some amazing teachers out there, and they fill a special part in a child's life. So glad your kids are lucky enough to have such great ones!

Nice job this week. I'm sure the teachers loved having a little attention for a change!