Thursday, May 21

Anyone got a Tylenol?

So a few years back, right before I had my hysterectomy,
and my doctor and I were wondering what he was going to find
while he was removing pieces and parts of me,
and I was planning my own funeral,
I said to myself -

"Self. If you are gonna kick the bucket now, you might as well
go, looking good. You might as well channel your inner tramp and get a tattoo."

At the time, I had just finished reading Angels and Demons
and was fascinated by ambigrams.

I had always wanted to tattoo the words
"love love love" on myself somewhere.
Seal says those words in a few songs and Bill and I have
for the past 17 years, used that phrase with each other (and still do to this day!).
But three words seemed like too many.

I found this company online -
and found this:

And that's what I have on my lower back.
I always joke with my doctors that, when I am standing on my
head it says love that way too. Makes 'em blush.

(Can you say "Tramp Stamp"?)
I am far from tramp-y. But love when people give it that title.
Tattoos have come a long way and so have the people that get them.

So one of my dearest rebellious girlfriends came into town last night.
And we planned on the next time she visited, we were both going to go for our
second one.

I have a few things in my life that consume a lot of my time and energy
so I thought maybe this one:

or even this one:

No. Seriously. I saw this picture of an angel about a year ago. As soon as I saw it
I ripped it out of the magazine I was reading and have had it hung up on my
bulletin board every since. I just knew this was the one.

So there's the back story to last nights adventure.

We ended up at Hart and Huntington at the Hard Rock
and afterward enjoyed each other's company over a fabulous dinner at Nobu.

I know I want one more.
I know what it is already.

I'm looking for some takers on who will be accompanying me
for the next one.


katt said...

consider me a definate maybe...

Denise said...

Very, very cool tatoo! (That seems like a more painful place to get it!!) XO

Jerolyn said...


Redhead in Vegas said...

I'll absolutely go with you. I told Lance that I wanted another one and he said that I should go for it. We can plan to finally meet each other over needles and ink.

LaAna said...

Well lookie there, you wild woman you! So besides the pain question, where's the picture of the "Tramp-Stamp" and what's the next tat going to be?

iVegasFamily said...

Love it! I have yet to muster up the courage to get a tattoo, although I've wanted one for years. Someday maybe.

Anonymous said...

Yippie - - can you say girls night out ?? Dinner, drinks, and tattoos !! What would be better !! Count me in !! I need #2 to catch up to you !!! And I totally wanted to go to Hart's new shop at Hard Rock - - funny !!!

Jerolyn said...

I forgot to say I LIKEY! Look at you all grown up and tatted! haha I go back and forth...can't decide, but I know what I would get if I did. Still gotta see your Love Butt!haha

Liz said...

If (when) I get my body to the point of hotness, I am absolutely tramp-stamping.
And I would love to do it Vegas-Style.