Sunday, May 31

Sunday - A day of rest.

Yeah, right...

It turned out to be a day to actually spend together, all five of us,
enjoying the backyard.
And to catch up to our kids in the tanning department.....

So we are not really sure how this guy:
(who apparently is hosting his family in this tree)

or this guy:
or this guy:
and even this guy:
hung around the backyard with us today....

while this:
some of this:
and this:
a little of this:
and of course this:
and then this:
with this:
didn't make them want to visit some other (quiet) yard today.

It was a great day today!

Saturday, May 30

Never EVER drink coffee...

right before your son's tournament soccer game against the toughest team in the age division.

There are no pictures here.
- I was so jittery and on edge, that I couldn't even think of taking photos.
-I was biting my nails for 1 hour, hence not being able to actually hold the camera.

To say it was an intense game, would be putting it mildly.
Our boys brought every ounce of energy they had,
but still took a loss this morning.
Much to our dismay, the referee was not calling
some seriously blatant intentional pushing and elbowing by one of the players
on the opposing team.
(I have never felt the desire to actually smack another kid,
but today I had to control myself).
Losing a game to a great team, is never a problem.
But when the coach of that great team, allows his players
to play "dirty", it just isn't right.
As far as Bill goes, he does not EVER tolerate "dirty" play.
He puts a stop to it immediately.
Unlike the other coach, who's poor reputation
will always follow him for not being accountable for his kids actions
and allowing the kind of play that we all saw today.
Oh well, right??? (bitch bitch bitch...)

Tonight's game was another win for the boys,
but they didn't make it to tomorrow's final game.
They played another outstanding game,
as they did this morning,
and we are all so proud of them.

Party time on Monday,
where they can all just enjoy the great season they worked so hard at!

I happen to love the end of the season,
where Bill is his most proud and any second thought
he has ever given to "giving up coaching"
flies right out the window.


Friday, May 29

So this morning I told Bill

that I was pregnant with triplets,
that Hannah wanted to start dating,
that Connor wants to play lacrosse next year instead of soccer,
that Garrin is going to live with my sister,
I'm ready to trade in my truck for a BMW crossover,
and I'm putting the house on the market so we can move to Tortola....

but he is a tad preoccupied....
getting ready this morning
for tonight's first tournament game for the Scorpions.

I am pretty confident that
he won't remember a word I said to him....
because I'm not even sure he knew I was awake this morning.
(I am thankful though, that he chose to wear his lucky plaid boxers!!)

Good luck to Bill and his boys tonight!

Thursday, May 28

My head is about to explode.


If you are sick and tired of hearing how awesome my daughter is
go to some other blog right now, of go read about how bad the economy is
on, or go play online Scrabble, or go back over to Facebook,
where you were before you got here.


I have two bits to share.
The first one is great
the second one I can hardly comprehend.

Last night were invite-only awards at Middle School.
Hannah received a special award for excellence in English.

If she wasn't walking so dang fast back to her seat.....

Here she is with her very best best peeps,
that are NOT swimmers.
They were all being honored for one thing or another.
If you've even been on her FB, you know for sure
she wasn't receiving this award for Spelling....
but nonetheless, I was so proud of her for her accomplishment.

So this great news was trumped earlier in the day, by something I still
can't wrap my brain around.

Drum roll please.........

Remember over the weekend,
Miss Crazy swam the 1/2 mile and the mile?

oh, wait.......and LOVED it?

Well in the easiest terms I can possibly muster up
to explain this......

(crap, I am working on getting this so you can click on it.....)

Her ranking is






for the mile swim - 11 year olds.

She is also ranked 6th in the US
for the 1/2 mile - 11 year olds.

So long course is approximately 2 more months where someone
inevitably may swim it faster or she may even swim it again...
but for the next week at least my baby is number 2.


Wednesday, May 27

Wordless Wednesday

You see that on a lot of blogs.
A day with just a photo or two.
I've got nothing today.
Nothing of any consequence.
Nothing I need to get off my chest.
I am busy as a bee though.
So today just a few pictures of my flowers.
(I am in awe of the amount of gardenia's we got on our plants this year -
so un-desert like.)

That's all she wrote for today....
haPPy WeDNesDay oF fEW woRdS!!

Tuesday, May 26

lots and lots and lots of swimming

Due to sheer exhaustion on the mommy's part,
you know, because the two that swam all weekend were perfectly fine,
I didn't give an update to the swim meet.

Reader's Digest Condensed Version:
Connor who is eight swam with the nine and ten year olds,
just for whoo-haws,
and because they get to swim wayyyyy cooler stuff!
He was on FIRE!
If there was ever a question about confidence issues for him
let us refer back to Saturdays photo of his arm
during backstroke.
Take a minute to go and look.
I'll wait til you come back.

Yeah. He rocked it.

Hannah - need I say it for the thousand-th time.
She is a LUNATIC.
Plain and Simple.
Because of that lunacy-
she has found her little niche right now
and SHE is callin' it hers!

Because she has been swimming Open events,
(11 years and older long distance she swims against girls
up to about 17 years old..............)
she was "lacking" in a couple of Junior Olympic times for her shorter
distance freestyle events. So she decided to swim those to ensure having
the recorded times and then chose the 800 meter freestyle
Saturday and the 1500 meter freestyle Sunday "to try something new".
1/2 mile and mile.

She achieved a Summer Junior Olympic time for the 800 freestyle....
for 13 to 14 year old girls. She's 11.

Sunday she swam the mile in under 20 minutes and got another
Summer Junior Olympic time,
for 13 to 14 year old girls!!!!!!
As she pulled herself up out of the water,
she was shaking and started to cry.
And I thought to myself - oh my God, did I MAKE my kid do this?
Did I push this on her???

So her coach told her to get back in the water and cool down with
and easy 1000 yards. While Hannah was in the water, Debbie told me
that Hannah would feel much better after she finished up her cool-down,
and low and behold, my little 4ft 10 in crazy daughter,
got out and said -

Crazy I tell ya'.
So while we're at it,
why leave Garrin out of the mix.
I'm thinking "swim team by the time he's five"....

What do you think?

Saturday, May 23

A very long day

more to come tomorrow.
today was amazing,
by the way!

Friday, May 22

Writing a Resume

No. Not mine.
I'm going to be 44 and mine would look pretty empty,
unless stay-at-home mom indeed became a quality job reference.

I am talking about Hannah's.
Right. She's 11.

But nowadays, things move so fast
and are so different
and so competitive,
that you have to think about things
way ahead of your own anticipated schedule.

She is a 6th grader, and on our minds already is
what high school she will be attending based on
what high school swim team/coach we want her to swim for,
which in turn will prepare her for college and even perhaps,
a scholarship.

I just went to elementary school, which included our middle school grades
and went to the zoned high school. Period.
I am looking today, into how to get a variance to whatever school
we choose for her, how I am going to do it, when I'm going to do it,
etc etc. Way different thinking from way back when.


Hannah has been nominated by one of her teachers at school
to attend

How do you say "no" to this?

How do you not let your first born, beautiful, then to be 12 year old,
get on the big bird in the sky, all by herself, and travel to Washington DC,
alone, to spend a week away, (did I mention, by herself?) to experience
this? To spend a week with other kids from around the United States,
who have been chosen also, to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


I can't stop thinking, is she old enough?
Just look at her?
OK OK- that's not her now. But she seems like that to us.

So really.
Look at this kid.

So it is all about what is going to look good on her resume
before even getting to High School.
Before even thinking about what college she wants to attend.

It's about here and now and what we can do to help what happens to her
in the future. We would do anything for our kids future, right?

Thursday, May 21

Anyone got a Tylenol?

So a few years back, right before I had my hysterectomy,
and my doctor and I were wondering what he was going to find
while he was removing pieces and parts of me,
and I was planning my own funeral,
I said to myself -

"Self. If you are gonna kick the bucket now, you might as well
go, looking good. You might as well channel your inner tramp and get a tattoo."

At the time, I had just finished reading Angels and Demons
and was fascinated by ambigrams.

I had always wanted to tattoo the words
"love love love" on myself somewhere.
Seal says those words in a few songs and Bill and I have
for the past 17 years, used that phrase with each other (and still do to this day!).
But three words seemed like too many.

I found this company online -
and found this:

And that's what I have on my lower back.
I always joke with my doctors that, when I am standing on my
head it says love that way too. Makes 'em blush.

(Can you say "Tramp Stamp"?)
I am far from tramp-y. But love when people give it that title.
Tattoos have come a long way and so have the people that get them.

So one of my dearest rebellious girlfriends came into town last night.
And we planned on the next time she visited, we were both going to go for our
second one.

I have a few things in my life that consume a lot of my time and energy
so I thought maybe this one:

or even this one:

No. Seriously. I saw this picture of an angel about a year ago. As soon as I saw it
I ripped it out of the magazine I was reading and have had it hung up on my
bulletin board every since. I just knew this was the one.

So there's the back story to last nights adventure.

We ended up at Hart and Huntington at the Hard Rock
and afterward enjoyed each other's company over a fabulous dinner at Nobu.

I know I want one more.
I know what it is already.

I'm looking for some takers on who will be accompanying me
for the next one.

Tuesday, May 19

Take Me Back Tuesday

July 21, 2001
the day after Hannah's fourth birthday
and obviously 4 to 5 years before
the baby fat came off.

What the hell was I feeding Connor back then?
Holy Roly Poly!

This was taken at the Disneyland Hotel pool.
This was our first of many, many visits to Disneyland!

Monday, May 18

It's no secret

that my daughter bugs the crap outta me sometimes.
.........All the drama of being an 11 year old
.......saying she brushed her teeth when I know she didn't
.........eating constantly and leaving the mess everywhere
........wet swim towels on the carpet
.........wearing the same two bathing suits to workout everyday for a month
..........texting allllll the way home from school, without saying one word to me

so on and so forth.

Through all of this, I proved my unequivocal love for her
nonetheless, yesterday.
I drove for 8 hours.
4 hours to California and 4 hours back home.

But it was worth every, stinking solitary minute in the car,
to take Hannah where she needed to be.

We made a trip to Anaheim for the Southern California
National Top 10 Swimming Awards.
To make an extremely long story short -
Top 10 swimmers are recognized within our Local Swimming Committee
in each age category........except 10 and unders, from the previous swim year.
They only recognize the top 3 swimmers in 10 and under group.

Hannah was #2 for her 100 Breaststroke.
Her relay team was also recognized for placing second for three separate relays.
I didn't think it was that big of a "thing" until we got there.
I felt honored to be in a room with all these of which was my daughter.
These kids worked their butts off,
and deserved every bit of the attention they got.

Here is Hannah with her fellow relay swimmer Becca and the head coach of
the team, Coach Mike.
I couldn't be more happy for Hannah.
She makes me proud, not only for her hard, hard work,
but the amount of confidence she exudes -
strutting her stuff up on the stage in front of a room FULL of people,
without a second look back!
Love that about her!
And besides the fact that my girl's got some killer calves...
........go on the picture....,
I know you want to look at them full size!
And hey, anything that gets her in a dress.....
well, that's got to be something special!

Mark Warkentin - open water Olympic Swimming champion
was the speaker. He was very down to earth and gave the kids a lot
of very good advice. He also gave autographs at the end of the banquet.
So all crap is forgotten - as my daughter laid draped over the couch
with her head in her laptop, ignoring all around her, all her junk still in my car,
dress and new shoes strewn on the floor all over her room,
with the top of her pajama bottoms rolled down just close enough
to her hip bone to make me yell at her....

because I love her more than ever.