Thursday, April 16

what the......

To put it mildly,
the weather has been friggin wacky here lately.
Gone are the days of bragging about how lovely the weather
is, because believe it or not, we got some snow here yesterday.


So the time we got THIS SNOW ,


it was kinda cool.
And I'll be darned if the kids had to make up
a snow day at school.
Yeah, a snow the desert.

So I've carried my camera around the past couple
of crazy, windy, wild and chilly days.
You've got to admit, that even if you don't care for the desert life,
it IS pretty spectacular to be able to see for miles and miles and miles across
the valley to the various mountain ranges.
and wake up to snow covered mountain tops......
to see dark ominous threatening clouds on one side of the valley......
.........and bright blue skies with thick white fluffy clouds
on the other side of the valley.

And drive from dry and sunny Costco about 10 minutes from home,
only to pull into the driveway to this:
Not really hail, but thick chunks of snow, I guess.
Garrin loved it.
Loved it enough to march outside and play in it
barefoot. After all it WAS 54 degrees out.....
wacky, I tell ya', just wacky
90 degrees predicted for this coming Monday.


Trish said...

And you wonder why our kids are sick all the time !!! One of mine went to school in shorts yesterday and the other in Uggs !!! And then. . . then there's Garrin . . barefoot . . . in the snow/hail/wet stuff . . . yep, bet he has a runny nose next week !!!

iVegasFamily said...

The weather we've experienced here over the past few months have been the wackiest I've seen in my 10+ years living here. I'm just really sick of the wind. I don't mind the cool weather though, because it's going to be scorching soon. But, who knows, the way it's been, we may see snow in July.

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

Yep, yesterday was weird to say the least. I can't believe I'm in a turtleneck sweater today! Great shots! Love the license plate!

Denise said...

Bizarre weather but great photos! Love the new camera!!!

LaAna said...

Hey, that's what the sky around here looks like! Have fun while it lasts, though the way your weather is going, you never know what you're in for this summer!

Kim said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures - every one.

Shelly... said...

Luckily, it didn't snow in Henderson. I'm glad others are confirming the weather is wacky cuz this is only my 3rd winter here and I was wondering what's going on! Bring on the sunhine!!