Thursday, April 23

Top Ten

Things NOT To Write In The
"I Went To Work With Dad Today" Report
written by Hannah and Connor

1. Buying Donuts from Happy Donuts is a necessity before even hitting the office.
2. My Dad talks on the phone all day long. Way longer than Mom.
3. While my Dad is on the phone, he is also on his Blackberry.
4. And while he is on his phone and his Blackberry, he is also on his other Blackberry at the same time.
5. He can minimize his Facebook page on his computer really fast... faster than I can, when my mom comes in the office and I'm supposed to be doing homework.
6. Everyone there talks about what is for lunch starting about a half hour after work begins.
7. My dad sounds really smart on the phone.
8. My dad also sounds like he is telling a bunch of lies on the phone.
9. I hear my dad talk about diamonds a lot, but Mom isn't draped in them like I would expect.
10. I still really don't understand what my dad does for a job.


Liz said...


Trisha said...

Awesome !!! Abby introduced me today and they asked her what I did for Aristcrat her reply "she is an ATTORNEY " !! Hot damn, when do I get a raise !!!! Do little thing was so embarassed . . . but it is amazing our kids don't know what we do. . . . or really . . . do they care !!!

LaAna said...

Funny! Probably spot on too. Now if only we could see their report for a day spent with Mom....

Kim said...

Hysterical! And, I suspect, not too far off the mark!

Sounds like a damn fun day!

Jerolyn said...

Does anyone REALLY know what Bill does for a living? hummmm...I'm starting to get a little suspicious over here...