Tuesday, April 28

Take Me Back Tuesday

I have hesitated in putting up this picture of my Uncle Mike.
I know that I have others that are better, but just can't get my hands on them
and a working scanner to make this happen for me.

But this will do for today.

This picture was taken at Connor's baptism - Fall of 2000.
Uncle Mike was actually my mother's uncle.
Which makes him my second uncle/great uncle? Not sure what it's called.

It never mattered. He was always an integral part of my life growing up.
He was my godfather to start.
And through thick and thin,
(mine, his, and our family's crap, because we all have crap, guys,
and I'm OK with admitting it without a problem)
he was ALWAYS there for me. ALWAYS.

And I always considered him more of a father to me than my own.

He was the last "adult" in our family to die.
Only the "kids" are left. Yes, us "kids" are all adults and have our own
families, but we all only had him. And now we don't.

And before this post becomes something that it isn't...I will end it now.


Bill said...

Gin.... posts like these really make you reflect back and remember the past.. good , bad or indifferent. Uncle Mike was awesome!! loved all unconditionally and made you feel loved no matter the situation. He wore his heart on his sleeve and you could feel his passion for life. He is very much missed....

Kim said...

Great picture and post, Gin. This is how I always think of him - with his glasses resting on his chest.

The only comfort to missing him so much is knowing that he's in a far better place, and so happy to be with all those other "adults" in our lives that he loved so much.

Miss you, Uncle Mike.

Unknown said...

What would this post be that it isn't? It was a beautiful post - a lovely tribute.
We all have our "Uncle Mike"s - I am sure he is very proud of you.

This sort of reflection also makes me think of my own nieces and nephews and what they feel about me. I want to be their Uncle Mike, ya know? I feel it but posts like this make me wonder if I show it enough...

Denise said...

Sounds like Uncle Mike rocked. I agree with Liz - I hope that I can be somebody's Uncle Mike, too. XO PS - Google account working...I'm baaack!

Chris said...

Uncle Mike was awesome, miss him every day...can still hear him say "right, right, right, yup, yup" agreeing like he wasn't listening, but he was...