Tuesday, April 21

Take Me Back Tuesday

Since brain cells diminish by the second here,
I am guessing November 1997 as the date.

Hannah's baptism.

My brother Christopher, me and Hannah, and Bill.
Apparently dark lipstick was the "thing" back then.
**even better than the lipstick? the fake smile. nice Chris!


Secret Admirer said...

Good job Ginni,

This is why I love TMBT. I think I have the same lipstick! They say everything comes back into style if you wait long enough.

Liz said...

Toast of New York by Revlon was my all-time favorite dark lipstick.
I can't WAIT for that look to come back!

Denise said...


Kim said...

Love this picture for so many reasons. Can't get over how short your hair was, nevermind the dark lipstick. What did we used to call that - brick lips? Chris, you look so stinking young. Bill, you look like such a proud papa! Hannah, what a little angel. And lastly, is that my black necklace and earring set? I still have that, and wear it regularly, actually! Is it really that old???

Redhead in Vegas said...

You guys all look so young especially Chris. He looks high school young, but I think he is a bit older than that. The dark lipstick era was absolutely my favorite. I just got a free sample of Clinique's Black Honey lip gloss. It's like heaven in a tube. Can't wait for it to come back into fashion.

Jerolyn said...

we call those sexy lips around these parts!!!