Friday, April 24

The silence has been broken

Twice a day,
once by Bill,
once by me,
we make the trip,
with Hannah to or from her Middle School.
4.12 miles
10 minutes
each way
each day
in silence.

Because she is texting.
She has texted for approximately 152 mornings
and 152 afternoons.

Then yesterday something happened.
I heard something in the car.


She actually took a call on her phone.

I heard her sweet little voice TALKING to someone.
And granted the call was quick and quiet and VERY CONTROLLED,
it will be good to finally see about
one minute charged to the voice portion of her cell phone bill.
****I'm sure who ever the ding-dong was that called was told to NEVER call during that 10 minute car ride home again!!****


Kim said...

Now that you mention it, I've never seen her talk on it. Hadn't even realized that.

Too bad you can't get a plan with unlimited texting and pay-by-the-minute phone calls.

Liz said...

You can get unlimited text... but you probably know that.

Anyway - that's funny. It's amazing how quickly they become teenagers. Even at 11!