Friday, April 3

Proceed with Caution.

You may throw up in your mouth a little bit,
but bear with me.
It will be totally worth it.

I have been saying for, oh I don't know,
a week or so, that I MUST make banana bread.

Here are the bananas.......

after hearing me say once a day
every day
for a week
that I MUST make banana bread.

poor shrively little black guys
And don't try to tell me that you have never accidentally let bananas
sit this long.......

Well maybe you haven't.
I admit it, I am disgusting at times.
But I am busy, dammit.
(ummmm......I HAD to go to the mall this week?????)

My son and I baked together yesterday,
We made both muffins,

AND banana bread.
We turned NAS.TEE into TAY.STEE.
I used Tyler Florence's recipe from Food Network.
CLICK HERE for the fabulous recipe.

The reason I love this recipe is half of the bananas are creamed
with sugar and the other half are kind of half-mashed and folded in
at the end. *****See yummy chunks in photos****
His recipe calls for pecans which, if I want my kids to eat the bread or muffins,
I omit. This time I added teeny chocolate chips to the muffins.
I love that my kids like to help in the kitchen.
I love that those horrendous bananas are gone.
I love that I got to share a nice little treat and a cup of coffee with my husband last night.


Kim said...

Those are some dark bananas! I love that your kids enjoying helping in the kitchen - so awesome.

I read a little tip that you can put your bananas in the fridge once they're ripe. The peels turn black but the ripening process stops.

I wish you'd eat coconut. The Barefoot Contessa muffins I make when I have leftover bananas are TO DIE FOR! Same deal - mashed and diced bananas. I must make some again soon...maybe next week while you're here.

Denise said...

That's a lotta black, baby! The muffins look amazing, especially with the choc chips, and I love that your kids are working it in the kitchen!

LaAna said...

Oooooh! That bread looks so good! Think I might even try that recipe. Yummy.

Liz said...

Bananas & chocolate chips are SO good!! YUM-MO!!
Kimmie - please freeze a muffin for me if you make those bad boys!
Gini - are you sure those bananas were safe for consumption?! ick. :)

Bill the muffin man,,, said...

oh Gini, to come home to the smell of fresh baked muffins... and to see the twinkle in Connors eyes as I enjoyed these heavenly muffins.. I'm going to sit out back and enjoy the sun rising and feel the warmth on my face as I relapse into my childhood and remember all the home baked goodies I had growing up.... I just so love your muffins!!