Saturday, April 4

oh, to be fat and totally OK with it............

Bill had taken the kids to see Madagascar 2 back when it was in the theaters. I was somewhere, I don't remember where. I was jealous because I really liked the first Madagascar and wanted to see the second one.

We watched it together the other night and I have been laughing my ass off since. Here is the part that Bill and I can't stop giggling about.
We sing this to each other now.
We have no problem finding relevance in such silly humor.
It's going to keep us young and happy, I tell ya'!

Well, off to a weekend of swim meets and soccer.
Maybe that is why OUR KIDS are thin and healthy
and we are NOT.


Kim said...

That's awesome! I haven't seen either of those, but I've wanted to. Now I definitely have to!

Who's yo friend? or is that your butt? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

LaAna said...

That's our "Get in the MOOD" song. Love it!!! Clearly that's what I was meant to be. Large and lov'n it. You guys ROCK!

Trish said...

I like um chunky . . . i like um plumpy . . . all together now !! Gosh, I am laughing my arst off right now. . . my round, chunky arst !!!

Liz said...

Considering the way I ate today at my niece's bday party, I needed a little fat-lovin'. :)