Sunday, April 5

It's Sunday, and it's FINALLY Spring Break

While everyone was "whoo hoo-ing" on Friday when school got out,
both Hannah and Connor sighed heavily knowing that they had a lot on
their plate this weekend, before they could even think of getting ready for
vacation back east.
Swim meet both Saturday and Sunday for them both,
and sandwiched in between that,
a soccer game for Connor.
This one here
does not do well at swim meets. Too much havoc too wreak
at every turn. Too many people to horse around with, kids AND adults.
Everyone just thinks he is soooo cute, which just gets him all wound up.
And too comfortable thinking he is going to get right in the pool and swim
with the big kids, just because he knows how to swim....kind of....
This all means that he stays for about ....oh ....5 minutes...TOPS.

Here are some pictures of the REAL swimmers from today - sorry, Garrin.

(if you feel like it, click on the photos. The water is pretty cool looking...if I do say so myself!)
Time to get packing.
Buh bye...for now.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Very cool, Gin.

Go pack.

Can't wait to see you guys!