Thursday, April 30

I took the plunge today.

Sometimes I just don't get myself.
Case in point.

I know for one thing that I am not nervous at all about the prospects
of fostering to adopt a child, maybe even two.
I have no problem with confrontation.
I am OK with totally over-committing myself and do my best to hold it
together while managing everything.

So why have I been totally afraid of trying this?

Bill has been hooked on this Fage Greek Yogurt for forever now.
I am now buying it for him in the economical Costco Gallon Size.

And I have opened the fridge every day

and just stared at the container.


At the thought of what the taste might be.

Stupid, I tell you.
Just stupid.
Well I tried it today...........

This stuff ROCKS.

For one - it is fairly flavorless. Mildly tangy - very, very mildly. Not anywhere near
the taste of plain yogurt. And it isn't sweet. Sickening sweet like most non-fat flavored yogurts are now. I know, because that's what I've been eating.

Second - It's thick. Like sour cream. So you eat less. It's like a win win for your diet.
So the no fat one is 120 calories for one cup, and I'd have to bet I didn't finish a whole
cup, it is that filling. Oh and to boot? 20, yah, twenty grams of protein!!!

Thirdly - would probably be fabulous with fresh berries on top, none of which I have in
the house today. I opted to drizzle a little honey on top.

Called it Lunch.


Kim said...

Without even knowing it, you did try it before, although in an altered state. I marinated the leg of lamb on Easter in that yogurt (among other things).

I agree - it rocks! Love that it's a little tangy.

Billy the Greek.... said...

I can not wait to have it with cherries..... I mixed in chocolate whey protein, berries, cereal, steak, peas, ramin noodles, tortillas and even brownie bites.... yummy!!!!

Liz said...

Steak, you Greek God?! You are awesome.

Gin - I am making my grocery list as soon as I quit stalking you and your family on Blogs & FB... I will add this.
Love low-fat fillers!!
Go Skinny Girls!

Denise said...

I'm on the Greek yogurt, too. I throw in some blueberries, strawberries and a handful of Kashi cereal and I call is breakfast (and sometimes lunch or dinner)!

Liz said...

I want to smack you both.
I bought the Greek Yogurt.
I took one bite and it tasted like someone else's puke.
What am I missing?