Monday, April 27

How does it all work out in the end?

Approximately 3 weeks ago, Connor came home with a school assignment.

They were to pick 5 prospective careers, get one approved and then
write a report.

Of course there is a story in itself on how he chose Hockey Player first
and we looked into it and discovered that it was darn near impossible to write a
research report on how you actually BECOME a hockey player,
because it's not like there are colleges that offer High Sticking 101
or Icing and Other Fouls classes and how do you explain
that you just better be someone with MAD-SKILZ, YO and hope for a
full swimming scholarship to a great college. Wait, my mind is going off in another

So Connor picked what he felt was the next best thing to a hockey player.

An Archaeologist.

So week 1 comes and goes and Connor does minimal, if any, work on the report.
It's OK. I keep reminding him and he is pretty confident.

Week 2 and I have stepped back a little to see if I see any books about archaeology
laying around. I don't. Look to see if any window left open on the computer has archaeology
reference on it. Nope.

Now it's week 3 and I am getting nervous. Connor is now pretending to do
doing computer research, but I am not sure how far along he is. So I ask
and he says he is about half way done. Great. I knew he'd get moving...eventually.

So the game plan at this point is for him to finish up his rough draft and by the weekend,
we will go over it and get it all typed up on the computer.

Which brings us to yesterday.

Without going into detail,
he pretty much was starting from Point A.
Now I am just PISSED OFF!!

I'm pretty sure it was week two that I vowed to myself and to my son that I was
absolutely in no uncertain terms helping him in any way with this report,
especially if I saw that there was really no desire coming from him to do it.

Yeah, I pretty much yelled at him helped him all friggen day yesterday.
And THAT was just the WRITTEN part.

He had a 2 to 3 minute oral presentation he needed to give
in front of his teacher and his costume.......
which I assembled quite nicely for him...........thank you very much....
so today came

So what happens today?

That kid.....

my kid....

my lazy, procrastinator of a kid....

gets all dressed up and ready for his presentation....

goes up to the head of the class.......

looks directly at everyone....

speaks nice and loud....

does not use his notecards even once........

and delivers that damn presentation like he'd been working on it for three damn weeks.


Redhead in Vegas said...

Where's the whip and the fedora? If he is thinking about digging up dead people for a living he should at least do it with some style!!!

Trisha said...

So THAT is what happened to you yesterday . . . . i thought you were just soaking up the sun, floating on the crab in the pool !! Ha, i should have known better !!!

The Dad said...

Hey Gin.. he is my kid, what did you expect??

LaAna said...

Looks like he's gonna do just fine in college! Lesson learned - waiting till the last minute CAN pay off!

Kim said...

How did I not comment on this yesterday?

In any event, like we discussed, I'd be just a little bit pissed off about that. Hard to teach them a lesson when they can pull it off like that!

Nice going, Connor!