Monday, April 13

The End

Couple things before I start this post.


Back there:
So it is The End.

The end of a story.
A happy, funny, emotional story.

The end of vacation.

You know it's over because it's
back to reality for sure.

My heart is racing, looking at the calendar and filling in the empty blanks.
And there are a lot of them.
Classes, practice, swim meets, trips, haircuts, dentist, PTA,
booster club, Lucy, laundry...etc etc.

The silver lining in it all DISNEY WORLD IN 2 1/2 months!!!
I've got a lot planned that needs to get done first.

So the trip was great. Really great.
Too short because I didn't get a chance to visit everyone I would
have liked to have visited. I still have many connections and am sad
that I didn't get to hook up with a lot of people. This trip though was primarily for my kids.
In the eight years since we left Connecticut, I don't think that we have been back as a family
for at least 5 of those 8. Maybe even six. While Bill travels back for business, and I have traveled back for Seal concerts long weekend visits or funerals or what have you,
aside from going back for my sister's wedding (which was filled with wedding "shtuff"),
we've not visited a family. That made it special.

My sister reminded my brother and I that we have not shared a holiday meal
together for about 10 years.....WOW. That shook me hard. And made me sad.

So back to the kids. Kids tie us all together. And as much as we all live totally independent,
different lives - having all the kids in one place at one time is fantastic. That is the one commonality that we have, that we feel safe in, that we can relate to, that we can talk about, joke about, laugh about, cry about. It was a good feeling for sure.

Good enough for Bill and I to get on and look for a place to move back to.
Keep your socks on everyone, we are NOT moving back.
But we loved being within our family's company that much.

Then we thought, "who the frig is gonna buy our house and pay us what we owe on it?"


It was very fun to watch our kids take this all in. Garrin, for the first time, when we were getting ready to take off, was realizing that we were leaving Lucy behind. You could see the wheels spinning, he was thinking about it so intently and when he understood that she was not coming with us, the look on his face was like a punch in the gut. He was sad for her, and I was sad for him. He is old enough to think with skill and emotion. Holy crap.

As we were driving toward my sister's house Hannah's said "Wow. How cool that all these houses look....different....different from each other. And they look so 'pointy'. The pointy-ness makes them look expensive." Too funny and typical coming from a kid who is accustom to tract homes and stucco.

And Connor "Why are all the trees so .....tall? Very tall. And they don't have any leaves and are all grey." And their exuberance, on the way to my brother's, at the sight of horses............and cows.............and camels (or maybe it was a llama....yeah, a llama).......or whatever it was. Yeah, don't see to many of those out here.

And they both were curious as to why at both houses, the steps going up to the 2nd floor were so steep.....too funny. And another good one is my children's lack of familiarity with mud. You know, when it rains and the ground gets muddy....and it gets on your shoes......and you track it all over everyone's house without even realizing it?? Mud.

So there it is.

The East Coast through the eyes of the Herbst Kids made for a very interesting trip.

And while we rode the emotional roller-coaster of being back with family,
it was time to go home.
Back to the place that makes us
stressed out

and just makes us who WE are.

And until the next trip back,

thank God for blogging.
You see. "The End" isn't always sad.
Bill and I are incredibly lucky to have such
great family. Thank you everyone for all the love
you showered us with. Never ENDing love.


Tutta la Storia said...

It was great to have you back, even if for such a short time. It is crazy how fast these kids are growing up--each moment that they can spend all together is precious.

iVegasFamily said...

Welcome back!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for coming out. We were so happy to have you all with us, and Matthew sure loved having all his cousins around!

Let's not let it be 10 years before our next holiday all together.

Love you guys like crazy. And my pipe dream of you guys moving closer will never end... =)

Jerolyn said...

Glad you're back and had such a great time with your family. I laughed at the cow, horse statement. Last time we were in Idaho and we passed a herd of cattle Ellie squeeled and wanted to "go see the Oink Oinks"....OOPS!