Saturday, April 25

Did I just make fun of Hannah yesterday?

Well, I have to take that back, then.
At least for today.
Today, because my daughter got up at the crack of dawn
to do her very first 5K run to benefit Nevada Child Seekers.

Here she is with her friend Mel (left) who is her inspiration for doing the run.
Mel has done quite a few in the past, so Hannah was excited to join in.
Their friend Katelyn (right) was doing her first one as well.

Mel's mom, Jean, bought the girls purple shirts. Little did I know, that it was so we
could see the girls from far away. It worked.

Here they are walking down to the starting line. I was so excited for her.
What a view. What a glorious morning.
The starting line. So crowded and I can't see them....
They are off and there is my Hannah......boy does she look tiny among all those......adults.

The last climb.....the 3 mile mark....
.........a little bit of a sprint at the end.
Hannah was ahead of Mel as they rounded the finish. Hannah said she
threw up in her mouth a couple of times and Mel caught up to her.
Mel - 22.52
Hannah - 22.53

They then turned and went back to find Katelyn and finish with her.

3 very tired girls.
and hungry.
So without any expectations whatsoever,
Hannah was very happy.

45th overall out of 410 runners.
3rd place in the 14 and under age group.

Who'da thunk, the girl can run too?


Kim said...

Outstanding, Hannah! You rawk!

Great pics, Gin. I love the one of the three of them arm in arm after the race.

Liz said...

That is so amazingly adorable and inspiring at the same time.
Love it!

(And I love the shameless PRIDE that you tell the story with. Love that, mama.)

LaAna said...

AWE INSPIRING! What a kick butt daughter you have. Please tell her congrats for me. She's gonna have the BEST life stories to tell her kids one day - good for her!