Monday, April 20

Dear Mr. Pool Guy with the Already Awesome Tan

(or Brian, as some of my readers personally refer to him as)


the dog days of summer are fast approaching as demonstrated here by Lucy.....the dog.
Yes, less than a week ago I blogged about snow, 46 degrees, wind, chilly, my necessity to wear socks and sneakers when I don't like to, my kid playing in it barefooted anyway etc etc.

But wouldn't you know it, today it is upper 80's and tomorrow 90's.....already.

Anyhoo, Brian. Couple things.
I am so glad we decided that we should drain the pool, and drain my checking account
acid wash it, and get it sparkly clean for all the rockin' ass parties I have over the summer.

But tick tock, Mister.

It is April 20th.
I have switched over the pool to run during the day instead of at night,
now that there is no chance of the pipes freezing any more......
is there really ever that chance here? what.ev..

And honestly. I am menopausal and that means I am up all night anyway.
I don't want to be listening to my pool running while I stare at the honkin' bright street
light the city put on the street that runs behind my house.

And also.......I've turned the solar on. What for? If we are draining the damn thing?
Because I don't think Nevada Power gets enough money from us as it is.
I don't know. On the slight chance that I can feel some warm water flowing out of the sheers
into the pool while my crazy ass kids THINK they are going to get in and actually swim.

For example.


One would think that he is getting
ready to swim in....

I don't know....

the Olympic trials,

or something......


just gettin' on
the ol' lobster
and takin' 'er for a ride.

Anyhoo, Pool Boy. Let's get this party started,
I can get some Party's Started.

Will ya?

I've got a lot of people counting on me.

Your Friend Always - Gini

P.S. It might be in your best interest to actually attend one of my parties,
then you might know what I am talking about.


Kim said...

Too funny, Gin. I can't believe you guys are already getting the pool ready.

And your kids are nuts for even thinking of going in there!

LaAna said...

It was a high of 77 here and my boys ran in the door asking if they could go swimming! Think I ought to tell them they're not in Vegas anymore?

Liz said...

That picture-story of Conor is awesome. Well said/photo'd! :)

Denise said...

I refer to him as "Brian, Gini's pool bitch".

I'm loving that you are getting your pool set!