Wednesday, April 15

Dear American Idol:

Look. I'm busy. I've got a lot of stuff going on for the next few weeks.

Let me just make a suggestion here. Gather up all the remaining Idol
wanna-be's at the dining room table of the Idol Mansion they are staying in
for free. Have Donald Trump there sitting at the head of the table and a
super-stretch limo outside in the circular driveway.

Send this guy back to safety
immediatelyto his plush room where he is staying for free.

Meanwhile back in the dining room.........

Donald Trump needs to fire all six remaining people.
They suck and they are wasting my precious time by
coming back week after week and trying to compete against
Adam Lambert. I mean, come on. You know what I'm talking about.
Get rid of them and let's crown the winner....

The limo is waiting right outside.

Why wait?

Why drag this on?

Because after all.........



iVegasFamily said...

That bad? I haven't watched.

Liz said...

No one comes close to his talent. But it will still prove interesting to see what "mainstream America" votes for.