Sunday, April 19


Couple things to keep in the back of your mind before I begin this post.


Okee - Doke...

The word date. In the least seven different meanings. I am going to use..
let's daughter......... in the following examples using the word DATE.

date [ dayt ]
noun (plural dates)

1. day, month, and year: a phrase or string of numbers that denotes a specific day of the month or year. It usually consists of the name or number of the month, the number of the day, and the number of the year.

2. time of event: a date used to locate a past or future event in time Hannah wanted to go shopping at a later date.

3. visual representation of date: the words or numbers of a date in the form of a written statement or inscription, e.g. on a document or coin There's no date on Hannah's homework.

4. period of time: the period during which something such as a work of art was created Hannah's birthday has much in common with other important events of the same date.

5. appointment: an appointment to meet somebody for a social or business activity Hannah's father has a dinner date with a client.

6. romantic appointment: a romantic engagement with somebody Hannah absolutely did NOT go on a date today.

7. partner on date: somebody with whom a date has been arranged Hannah's date to the movies was NOT a boy named Michael.

Well it wasn't a date exactly.
What am I talking about? Well "today" came. "Today" came for about
8 of my friends. It had a secondary meaning for two of them but I will get to that.

Today was the first day that Bill and I dropped Hannah at the movie
theater with her friends




oh wait......with some boys.




oh, and one more thing......some of those were boy friends
and one of those were boyfriend...........

yeah. my kid is "in a relationship"

at 11.

So literally within 2 minutes of dropping off at the theater, all of us parents
were practically on a conference call on our cells saying the same thing -

"WTF did we just do? Did we just DROP OUR KIDS OFF AT THE MOVIES....
ALONE?.....WITH EACH OTHER?........................ALONE?"

My conversation with Michael's mom a little funnier because he didn't want to go
to the movies because of a little facial blemish issue.......oh it starts so young!

And after promptly returning to pick up exactly 1 hour and 42 minutes later,
nails bitten to the quick,
sweat beads swiftly wiped with a tissue,
Hannah and Michael's definition of "in a relationship" became crystal clear

as they all strolled out of the theater..........

totally not even walking next to each other

not even saying good bye to one another

not even having sat next to each other during the movie.

I am A-OK with THAT kind of "relationship" at 11.

Bill and I,
in addition to all of our friends
made it through this milestone together
without having a heart attack.
Thank God.


Denise said...

I love that you guys all went through it together! You can compare notes!! XO

Kim said...

I still can't believe you didn't go in and hide in the back row of the theater.

Another milestone passed...amazing how quickly she's growing up.

LaAna said...

Don't even want to think about this for another 7 years!!!