Thursday, April 30

I took the plunge today.

Sometimes I just don't get myself.
Case in point.

I know for one thing that I am not nervous at all about the prospects
of fostering to adopt a child, maybe even two.
I have no problem with confrontation.
I am OK with totally over-committing myself and do my best to hold it
together while managing everything.

So why have I been totally afraid of trying this?

Bill has been hooked on this Fage Greek Yogurt for forever now.
I am now buying it for him in the economical Costco Gallon Size.

And I have opened the fridge every day

and just stared at the container.


At the thought of what the taste might be.

Stupid, I tell you.
Just stupid.
Well I tried it today...........

This stuff ROCKS.

For one - it is fairly flavorless. Mildly tangy - very, very mildly. Not anywhere near
the taste of plain yogurt. And it isn't sweet. Sickening sweet like most non-fat flavored yogurts are now. I know, because that's what I've been eating.

Second - It's thick. Like sour cream. So you eat less. It's like a win win for your diet.
So the no fat one is 120 calories for one cup, and I'd have to bet I didn't finish a whole
cup, it is that filling. Oh and to boot? 20, yah, twenty grams of protein!!!

Thirdly - would probably be fabulous with fresh berries on top, none of which I have in
the house today. I opted to drizzle a little honey on top.

Called it Lunch.

Tuesday, April 28

You wanna piece of me?

I know I have written before about the whiteboard calendar that I have in my kitchen
that keeps track of my daily appointments, activities, meetings, reminders, what have you's.

Well it is not even May yet,

and May is up,

and almost filled


So I am putting this out there now.

If you want to see me,
get together,
have coffee,
do lunch
go shopping
whatever it may be...........

I'll need to squeeze you in.

All kidding aside.

The real reason for writing today is
a serious one.

I was driving to pick Hannah up at the pool
the other day, and my mind was racing with thoughts,
as I stopped at a stop sign

I said out loud to myself

"How am I pulling "this" all off?"

"This" being my life.

I gotta tell you. That scared the crap out of me.

And then I thought that I don't ever remember being
this busy,
this happy, this fulfilled.

So what do you think?

I best get busy learning to type with my nose.

That way when I am locked up in my padded cell in a straight jacket, I can still blog!

Take Me Back Tuesday

I have hesitated in putting up this picture of my Uncle Mike.
I know that I have others that are better, but just can't get my hands on them
and a working scanner to make this happen for me.

But this will do for today.

This picture was taken at Connor's baptism - Fall of 2000.
Uncle Mike was actually my mother's uncle.
Which makes him my second uncle/great uncle? Not sure what it's called.

It never mattered. He was always an integral part of my life growing up.
He was my godfather to start.
And through thick and thin,
(mine, his, and our family's crap, because we all have crap, guys,
and I'm OK with admitting it without a problem)
he was ALWAYS there for me. ALWAYS.

And I always considered him more of a father to me than my own.

He was the last "adult" in our family to die.
Only the "kids" are left. Yes, us "kids" are all adults and have our own
families, but we all only had him. And now we don't.

And before this post becomes something that it isn't...I will end it now.

Monday, April 27

How does it all work out in the end?

Approximately 3 weeks ago, Connor came home with a school assignment.

They were to pick 5 prospective careers, get one approved and then
write a report.

Of course there is a story in itself on how he chose Hockey Player first
and we looked into it and discovered that it was darn near impossible to write a
research report on how you actually BECOME a hockey player,
because it's not like there are colleges that offer High Sticking 101
or Icing and Other Fouls classes and how do you explain
that you just better be someone with MAD-SKILZ, YO and hope for a
full swimming scholarship to a great college. Wait, my mind is going off in another

So Connor picked what he felt was the next best thing to a hockey player.

An Archaeologist.

So week 1 comes and goes and Connor does minimal, if any, work on the report.
It's OK. I keep reminding him and he is pretty confident.

Week 2 and I have stepped back a little to see if I see any books about archaeology
laying around. I don't. Look to see if any window left open on the computer has archaeology
reference on it. Nope.

Now it's week 3 and I am getting nervous. Connor is now pretending to do
doing computer research, but I am not sure how far along he is. So I ask
and he says he is about half way done. Great. I knew he'd get moving...eventually.

So the game plan at this point is for him to finish up his rough draft and by the weekend,
we will go over it and get it all typed up on the computer.

Which brings us to yesterday.

Without going into detail,
he pretty much was starting from Point A.
Now I am just PISSED OFF!!

I'm pretty sure it was week two that I vowed to myself and to my son that I was
absolutely in no uncertain terms helping him in any way with this report,
especially if I saw that there was really no desire coming from him to do it.

Yeah, I pretty much yelled at him helped him all friggen day yesterday.
And THAT was just the WRITTEN part.

He had a 2 to 3 minute oral presentation he needed to give
in front of his teacher and his costume.......
which I assembled quite nicely for him...........thank you very much....
so today came

So what happens today?

That kid.....

my kid....

my lazy, procrastinator of a kid....

gets all dressed up and ready for his presentation....

goes up to the head of the class.......

looks directly at everyone....

speaks nice and loud....

does not use his notecards even once........

and delivers that damn presentation like he'd been working on it for three damn weeks.

Saturday, April 25

Did I just make fun of Hannah yesterday?

Well, I have to take that back, then.
At least for today.
Today, because my daughter got up at the crack of dawn
to do her very first 5K run to benefit Nevada Child Seekers.

Here she is with her friend Mel (left) who is her inspiration for doing the run.
Mel has done quite a few in the past, so Hannah was excited to join in.
Their friend Katelyn (right) was doing her first one as well.

Mel's mom, Jean, bought the girls purple shirts. Little did I know, that it was so we
could see the girls from far away. It worked.

Here they are walking down to the starting line. I was so excited for her.
What a view. What a glorious morning.
The starting line. So crowded and I can't see them....
They are off and there is my Hannah......boy does she look tiny among all those......adults.

The last climb.....the 3 mile mark....
.........a little bit of a sprint at the end.
Hannah was ahead of Mel as they rounded the finish. Hannah said she
threw up in her mouth a couple of times and Mel caught up to her.
Mel - 22.52
Hannah - 22.53

They then turned and went back to find Katelyn and finish with her.

3 very tired girls.
and hungry.
So without any expectations whatsoever,
Hannah was very happy.

45th overall out of 410 runners.
3rd place in the 14 and under age group.

Who'da thunk, the girl can run too?

Friday, April 24

The silence has been broken

Twice a day,
once by Bill,
once by me,
we make the trip,
with Hannah to or from her Middle School.
4.12 miles
10 minutes
each way
each day
in silence.

Because she is texting.
She has texted for approximately 152 mornings
and 152 afternoons.

Then yesterday something happened.
I heard something in the car.


She actually took a call on her phone.

I heard her sweet little voice TALKING to someone.
And granted the call was quick and quiet and VERY CONTROLLED,
it will be good to finally see about
one minute charged to the voice portion of her cell phone bill.
****I'm sure who ever the ding-dong was that called was told to NEVER call during that 10 minute car ride home again!!****

Thursday, April 23

Top Ten

Things NOT To Write In The
"I Went To Work With Dad Today" Report
written by Hannah and Connor

1. Buying Donuts from Happy Donuts is a necessity before even hitting the office.
2. My Dad talks on the phone all day long. Way longer than Mom.
3. While my Dad is on the phone, he is also on his Blackberry.
4. And while he is on his phone and his Blackberry, he is also on his other Blackberry at the same time.
5. He can minimize his Facebook page on his computer really fast... faster than I can, when my mom comes in the office and I'm supposed to be doing homework.
6. Everyone there talks about what is for lunch starting about a half hour after work begins.
7. My dad sounds really smart on the phone.
8. My dad also sounds like he is telling a bunch of lies on the phone.
9. I hear my dad talk about diamonds a lot, but Mom isn't draped in them like I would expect.
10. I still really don't understand what my dad does for a job.

Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day 2009

brought to you in part by
one of the cutest kids
on this great earth!

Tuesday, April 21

Take Me Back Tuesday

Since brain cells diminish by the second here,
I am guessing November 1997 as the date.

Hannah's baptism.

My brother Christopher, me and Hannah, and Bill.
Apparently dark lipstick was the "thing" back then.
**even better than the lipstick? the fake smile. nice Chris!

Monday, April 20

Dear Mr. Pool Guy with the Already Awesome Tan

(or Brian, as some of my readers personally refer to him as)


the dog days of summer are fast approaching as demonstrated here by Lucy.....the dog.
Yes, less than a week ago I blogged about snow, 46 degrees, wind, chilly, my necessity to wear socks and sneakers when I don't like to, my kid playing in it barefooted anyway etc etc.

But wouldn't you know it, today it is upper 80's and tomorrow 90's.....already.

Anyhoo, Brian. Couple things.
I am so glad we decided that we should drain the pool, and drain my checking account
acid wash it, and get it sparkly clean for all the rockin' ass parties I have over the summer.

But tick tock, Mister.

It is April 20th.
I have switched over the pool to run during the day instead of at night,
now that there is no chance of the pipes freezing any more......
is there really ever that chance here? what.ev..

And honestly. I am menopausal and that means I am up all night anyway.
I don't want to be listening to my pool running while I stare at the honkin' bright street
light the city put on the street that runs behind my house.

And also.......I've turned the solar on. What for? If we are draining the damn thing?
Because I don't think Nevada Power gets enough money from us as it is.
I don't know. On the slight chance that I can feel some warm water flowing out of the sheers
into the pool while my crazy ass kids THINK they are going to get in and actually swim.

For example.


One would think that he is getting
ready to swim in....

I don't know....

the Olympic trials,

or something......


just gettin' on
the ol' lobster
and takin' 'er for a ride.

Anyhoo, Pool Boy. Let's get this party started,
I can get some Party's Started.

Will ya?

I've got a lot of people counting on me.

Your Friend Always - Gini

P.S. It might be in your best interest to actually attend one of my parties,
then you might know what I am talking about.

Sunday, April 19


Couple things to keep in the back of your mind before I begin this post.


Okee - Doke...

The word date. In the least seven different meanings. I am going to use..
let's daughter......... in the following examples using the word DATE.

date [ dayt ]
noun (plural dates)

1. day, month, and year: a phrase or string of numbers that denotes a specific day of the month or year. It usually consists of the name or number of the month, the number of the day, and the number of the year.

2. time of event: a date used to locate a past or future event in time Hannah wanted to go shopping at a later date.

3. visual representation of date: the words or numbers of a date in the form of a written statement or inscription, e.g. on a document or coin There's no date on Hannah's homework.

4. period of time: the period during which something such as a work of art was created Hannah's birthday has much in common with other important events of the same date.

5. appointment: an appointment to meet somebody for a social or business activity Hannah's father has a dinner date with a client.

6. romantic appointment: a romantic engagement with somebody Hannah absolutely did NOT go on a date today.

7. partner on date: somebody with whom a date has been arranged Hannah's date to the movies was NOT a boy named Michael.

Well it wasn't a date exactly.
What am I talking about? Well "today" came. "Today" came for about
8 of my friends. It had a secondary meaning for two of them but I will get to that.

Today was the first day that Bill and I dropped Hannah at the movie
theater with her friends




oh wait......with some boys.




oh, and one more thing......some of those were boy friends
and one of those were boyfriend...........

yeah. my kid is "in a relationship"

at 11.

So literally within 2 minutes of dropping off at the theater, all of us parents
were practically on a conference call on our cells saying the same thing -

"WTF did we just do? Did we just DROP OUR KIDS OFF AT THE MOVIES....
ALONE?.....WITH EACH OTHER?........................ALONE?"

My conversation with Michael's mom a little funnier because he didn't want to go
to the movies because of a little facial blemish issue.......oh it starts so young!

And after promptly returning to pick up exactly 1 hour and 42 minutes later,
nails bitten to the quick,
sweat beads swiftly wiped with a tissue,
Hannah and Michael's definition of "in a relationship" became crystal clear

as they all strolled out of the theater..........

totally not even walking next to each other

not even saying good bye to one another

not even having sat next to each other during the movie.

I am A-OK with THAT kind of "relationship" at 11.

Bill and I,
in addition to all of our friends
made it through this milestone together
without having a heart attack.
Thank God.

Saturday, April 18

The telltale signs of a good date

It is truly a rare occasion when Bill and I get to go out on a date,
so we are like a couple of teenagers when it happens.

Not really. I just said that.

We do get all gussied up. I put on fancy underwear.
Spritz on a little Love's Baby Soft, a little blue eyeliner, tease up my hair,
and call me done.

We planned a nice, albeit quick, evening at Town Square Las Vegas.
Granted we live in a remarkable, fun, lively, happening place,
but.....we are a couple of losers very busy parents of three and don't make
the time to go out and enjoy where we live as often as we should.

Anyway - Bill made reservations for us at Texas de Brazil
a churrascaria. Check out the detailed description online or visualize this:
a bunch of foreign men, wearing really nice looking gauchos and puffy shirts,
wielding swords of simmering rotisserie cooked meats and very large knives,
while you try to maneuver a buffet of approximately 50 items. Absolutely amazing.
And delicious.
Add a nice brazilian coffee to round out the meal. Perfect.

Then it was off to the movies for us.
(I can't believe we have not taken our kids here, this place ROCKS)
And get this.
It was NOT a G or PG movie.
We couldn't bring ourselves to see an R rated movie - we are still
a little shy around each other - so PG-13 it was.
The Haunting in Connecticut.
Well, we both lived in CT for 36 years.
Yup. Not EVER moving back............EVER.
Unless the house is

Go see it. It is scary.

You think that was the end of this special night?? Oh no.

Got home and.......

Garrin was asleep.
Hannah and Connor both still had all their hair on their heads.
All the steak knives where still in the knife holder.
The kitchen was not all wrecked from the kids making dinner.
Lucy had not been forgotten outside.
My neighbors hadn't called the police for a disturbing the peace violation
on the part of my typically screaming kids.

A win/win evening for everyone for sure!

Friday, April 17

Our Economic Confusion Explained


Bill and I

A Buyer

A Lender

An Appraiser

Our County Tax Assessor

Got this as an email yesterday,
and since nothing exciting is going on today here,
thought, since I like to keep each post on here real,
I'd do so with this reality.

Thursday, April 16

what the......

To put it mildly,
the weather has been friggin wacky here lately.
Gone are the days of bragging about how lovely the weather
is, because believe it or not, we got some snow here yesterday.


So the time we got THIS SNOW ,


it was kinda cool.
And I'll be darned if the kids had to make up
a snow day at school.
Yeah, a snow the desert.

So I've carried my camera around the past couple
of crazy, windy, wild and chilly days.
You've got to admit, that even if you don't care for the desert life,
it IS pretty spectacular to be able to see for miles and miles and miles across
the valley to the various mountain ranges.
and wake up to snow covered mountain tops......
to see dark ominous threatening clouds on one side of the valley......
.........and bright blue skies with thick white fluffy clouds
on the other side of the valley.

And drive from dry and sunny Costco about 10 minutes from home,
only to pull into the driveway to this:
Not really hail, but thick chunks of snow, I guess.
Garrin loved it.
Loved it enough to march outside and play in it
barefoot. After all it WAS 54 degrees out.....
wacky, I tell ya', just wacky
90 degrees predicted for this coming Monday.