Sunday, March 8

The words that all women wince at....

Holy shit...I've become my mother.

I think my mom was 40 maybe 41 in this picture.
She died at 42.
I am 43 (almost 44).

I'm in awe.
I'm not quite sure how our personalities compare,
but I guess I sure do look like her.


Jerolyn said...

ummmm that would be a huge YES! Spitting image!

Jerolyn said...

except you look younger for sure!

LaAna said...

There is a LITTLE resemblance there I think! Funny how that works out hu?

Liz said...

You definitely look younger for your age than she did... but I wonder if I just think that because of my age... do you think her friends told her she looked young for her age?!
Either way - she was gorgeous. And so are you. :)

Kim said...

I told you so!

Denise said...

Exactly alike!! "You are Teen style"!