Sunday, March 22

Where the heck did March go?

Well it is Sunday night, just sitting listening to Wonder Pets on TV for Garrin,
and Hannah and Connor giggling while attempting to bake a cake together.
I am relishing this moment of happiness between them
because bickering certainly out weighs nice-ness around here for sure.
I glanced over at my big whiteboard calendar
where I keep my life somewhat organized
one month at a time,
when I saw that tomorrow is March 23rd.

Holy End-of-the-Month!!

Garrin is out on track break for 3 weeks - 2 leading up to Spring Break.
I will, with mostly good intentions, hope to do something fun with
him while he is out of school. But at times, LIFE dictates what we
do around here and LIFE isn't always what I have written on the calendar.
I will be lucky if I get through all the laundry upstairs in time to
pack it up to go to the East Coast for vacation.

This weekend was nice. Connor's soccer game wasn't until
4:40. We kind of just hung around all morning, like a bunch of dummies,
not knowing what to do with ourselves. Typically we are up and out pretty early.
The game came and all was well. The Scorpions were up 3 to 2 against a really
aggressive team...........until 30 seconds before game end, when they scored.
Dang. A tie. My Connor was visibly upset. He is not a good loser, by any
means....and they didn't even really lose, they tied.
I am not even sure if the coach is over it yet...
that would be Coach Bill, in case you were wondering....

Today, we slept in as much as 2 parents of three kids and a dog
can possibly sleep in. The only thing on the agenda was hair
appointments today. I love when our stylist works on Sunday!
No rushing, no stressing. Bill and Connor got cuts and I got,
well, transformed back into the girl I like to be, from the girl I really am.
My hair is super long now. I can't even believe it. I have never ever had long
hair. I find myself saying (oh, this is going to date me for sure)
"Gee, My hair smells terrific". Remember that commercial?
I can actually smell my clean hair now.
I sound like a complete FREAK, but for someone who has
always had a short haircut - it's kind of awesome for me.
Anyway - I'm gorgeous....
for today....
because I certainly won't be styling my hair this nice tomorrow.
Good thing after I was done there, I came home and took a nap.
I was actually thinking that as he was drying my hair-
"wow, what an utter waste of time, because this head
is going to hit a pillow within 20 minutes."
Anyway - our friend Michael is auditioning for the show
Shear Genius and actually took a picture of Connor for his portfolio.
Hope he gets chosen......
in between color jobs of course.

So back to the calendar.
Time is flying.
April is right around the corner.

We are already thinking that Hannah has 2 more months of school.
Unfortunately Connor is on a track that is in for the summer.
Oh well. We are in the preliminary stages of planning a trip
to Disney World in Florida for the end of June.
This was a hard decision for Bill and I to make.
Realistically, we could certainly use the money we will
be spending on a vacation, in a more useful, pay-down-our-debt-sorta-way.
But we need this. And we didn't really realize that until we started
the planning.
Most often, our travel is for swim meets, which, sometimes, we have
time to incorporate some fun. But we want to take our kids
somewhere, where we can leave everything behind,
swimming, working, cleaning, cooking, watching my neighbors
moving out so my house value plummets even more than it already has...
We'd like to relax and
Pure unadulterated fun.
Disney World.
We love going there, if you've been, you understand.
You get hooked.
So for the next couple of months,
everyday will be a little more happy,
a little more exciting,
a little more who gives a crap,
there IS light at the end of the laundry tunnel,
because we have something so VeRy hApPY to look forward to.

I'm not saying for April and May and June to swing in here
and swing out,
too much to do in those months.
So slow down, TIME.
LIFE is moving a little too fast.


Liz said...

wow - first to comment.
(does that make me a stalker?!)
anyhoo - you gotta live, you gotta be able to let go and relax.
Enjoy Disney - I can't wait till my kids get ot an age where that will be something they can look forward to and really enjoy.

Both my kids love Wonder Pets - how cute that we share that little similarity. :)

And lastly, what are "tracks"? Is that like semesters!??!

Ok - goodnight.

Gini said...

Schools that are over capacity run on a track system. There can be up to five tracks, each having a different vacation schedule. There is always one track that is out...while 4 others are in - keeping capacity numbers where they should be. They are all in 180 days, some way or another....

Bill said...

ok, the heck with school and disney... is a tie still a win??

Allison said...

We are looking forward to seeing you guys! Bring some decorating ideas--I need window treatments!! And I have been thinking that maybe next year we'll look into a Disney trip. I guess we better start socking away some cash NOW.

Denise said...

A tie is a win, I am sure of it!! I love having trips to look forward to - you guys are going to have a blast in Disney!

katt said...

A tie is a tie, leave it at that Bill. Or you could look at it as you both won, or you both lost...

I can hardly believe it is the end of March as well, Gini. Have a great time on your WDW trip. We'll be going the end of 2010 for a family reunion. It can't get here soon enough, but I am in no rush/don't want time to go any faster than it has been....

iVegasFamily said...

That's quite a post.

Definitely do the Disney World. We wimped out, we're only doing Disneyland next week. I wish we went for the Florida trip.

Emily said...

I was waiting for a photo of your long hair!

Kim said...

OK, I'm totally jealous that you guys can get hair appts on a Sunday - that rocks!

March is definitely flying by, but I don't mind...just means you guys will be out here that much sooner!