Thursday, March 5

When fast food is no longer fast food.

I'd been painting all day.
At the end of the day, it was apparent
that I obviously thought painting was far
more important than actually going to the grocery
store and buying food

or milk

or water

or anything.

So McDonald's it was for dinner.
Can I just say - Holy Greaseball.
It has been a long, lard-free, while since
I ate McDonalds. Anyhoo.
Craving fulfilled.
Guilt sets in over my trans-fat-ass now....
oh well

Garrin here is enjoying his Chicken Nugget meal,
which he so fondly refers to as Turkey.

But I'll be darned if he doesn't make me or
do it himself - peel off all the coating
off the turkey,
I mean chicken.
(Oh, heavens, look at the greeze......ewww..)

So dinner went from a quick 15 minutes tops,
to at least 45 minutes.
It takes a long, darn time to peel nuggets.

I could have just gone to the grocery store.


Allison said...

He's just trying to keep the lard off of his own cute butt!!!

Shelly... said...

I think McDonald's is now trans-fat free, so you don't need to feel guilty! :)

LaAna said...

Just be thankful it's a kids meal and not a 10 piece!!!

Kim said...

So, I didn't go to the grocery store last night either, and we too, had McDonald's. How funny is that?

I love that he calls it turkey! He's thinking healthy!

Liz said...

I'm horrified, Gini.
"Good parents" don't feed their children McDonalds.


Chris said...

That is so funny! I thought the coating is the only thing that makes that "turkey" tolerable?? Those look disgusting peeled...

Chris said...

By the way, I remember Hannah eating the better part of a 20 piece. Slob. I thought only I could do that!