Monday, March 16

Weekend in Review

Aside from my big cake adventure,
we had a very full weekend. But the kind of full
that is GOOD full. EASY full. STRESS-FREE full.
I liked it.

Obviously once the whole cake thing was done.....

Anyhoo - Saturday marked the start of Spring Soccer here.
This season came with some apprehension.
Bill chose to play his team up an age group...
......let's see........maybe because they smoked every game
all last season and then proceeded to smoke the tournament??

He wanted the boys to have more of a challenge this season.
Play against tougher boys, (a little older), bigger fields, bigger ball,
bigger goals, bigger roster, (we have ten boys now), and a goalie!!

They were both pretty excited before they left for the game.
I was too - so excited that I chose not to yell at Connor
for getting toothpaste on his jersey. At least he brushed his teeth, right?

So by game end,
I was in awe.

I kept saying that to Connor. They won 10 to zero,
against a 2nd year U9 boys team. WOW!
Unbelievable. It was
all at the same time!

Never without drama though.
Connor got kicked in the thigh....

got pissed off....and went back in to kick some more butt!

Speaking of kicking butt.

Yesterday Bill and I got our butts kicked.


We started the glorious morning off by hiking up the
mountain in our backyard.
After we got about half-way up
and the rescue truck left after giving us oxygen
we were huffing and puffing
and breathing so heavy
is was downright embarrassing.
Because by this time,
our swimmers/soccer player/kids
were already at the top of the mountain,
not even winded.

Embarrassing, I tell you.

We had a fantastic time, nonetheless. The mountains
are very green right now, so we went exploring
to see all the unusual plants and flowers and rocks.
As documented in the slide show to the right...
Have to do this now, you see, before it gets to be 115 degrees
and the mountain plants turn brown and crispy
and you can fry eggs on the rocks!

After that, we decided
we obviously need metal therapy
to go to the park with the kids and the dog,
and ended up playing far too many innings of kickball.

Suffice it to say - I needed a nap when I got home
and my legs hurt like I'd just spent 1 hour on the elliptical machine.

Let's see if THIS is the inspiration I need to get my hiney back to the gym!!!


Denise said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend!! I love your family.

LaAna said...

Way to kick butt and get your Butt KICKED! What a great weekend of outdoors, family and fun. I miss Vegas in the spring.

BTW the cake looked DELISH!

Allison said...

Great pics, great weather! Awesome job, Connor.

Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I want the name of the kid who kicked Connor in the thigh.

Kim said...

BTW, great pics in the slideshow. Don't you think Garrin and Matthew look alike in some of those shots?

Jerolyn said...
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Jerolyn said...

that was me...this thing needs spell check
ANTWHO...what I said was...
I'm loving Conners faux hawk...very COOL!

Jerolyn said...


iVegasFamily said...

Looks like you all took full advantage of the amazing weather.