Wednesday, March 11

Take the money and run.

You know that saying, right?
You are in the store and someone gives you back too much change?
You take the money and run.
(Ok - well, I really don't do that because I feel all terrible inside.)
Or when you sell something of yours on Craigslist and
the item is short a couple of screws, but you don't tell the new owner.
(Ok - well, I have never done that either, I'd rather throw it away.)
Or maybe when the ATM spits out too many 20's...
yah, like that EVER happens!!!

Yesterday was

Lemme back up.

Saw some chairs at Home Goods in Henderson that I thought would
be fantastic in our new office/craftroom/whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-
call-it room.

They were set aside and said S.O.L.D.

Now prior to seeing them, I didn't know I wanted them.

Which for me, now means, I MUST FIND THEM IF IT MEANS

All night long, I can't get them out of my brain.

Next morning, before booking my Southwest ticket to Asia, I decide I am
going to drive to the Home Goods ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VALLEY.
(I know you are thinking, holy crap, how the hell far is that???)
It's really just a quick 1/2 hour drive. But people who live here
typically don't "drive across town". I begin my mission.

Get there. No chairs. Nothing that even looks
remotely like what I want...dammit.

How freakin' convenient that I am lunching with my friend Jer at
11:30 right down the street from the original Home Goods I visited.

GOSH-DARNED CHAIRS, I am gonna just run into said store,
and pray to the Chair Gods that they magically dropped two more
chairs down into the store see if there by chance were anymore.

My eyes are quickly darting back and forth,
back and forth,
back and forth,
looking, looking, looking,
pushing the cart all over the
store like a mad woman,
and I'll be a son-of-a-gun...
there sits TWO CHAIRS.
thank you Chair Gods

So I grab the first one and bring it up to the register,
practically hyperventilating a the thought that someone is going to snag
the other one before I race at lightening speed back to get it.
But I got it.

So at the register, the lady says to me - "Are you
sure these aren't sold?" "I'm pretty sure we sold these yesterday."
And I explained to her that I indeed pulled them out of a display in the back.

So I quickly swiped ma' damn credit card,
took ma' chairs,
and got the heck outta there.

just in case..
of what?
I don't know.
I just knew I had to leave fast.

So the room is partially done.
More pictures to follow when I actually finish it!!!

Go ahead - say it.
Those chairs ROCK!


Kim said...

The room looks gorgeous!! LOVE the zebra prints!

Allison said...

Nice chairs! Very cute. I like your little man receptionist, too.

iVegasFamily said...

Those chairs do rock. Great room.

Gini said...

Oh, Allison. My heart sank when I read the "very cute" comment. Tell me how to un-cute this room (besides taking Garrin out) because I am afraid Bill will not feel like coming in here! Cute is not what I am going for - HELP!

Shelly... said...

Awesome chairs! I wouldn't call that room cute--it's very stylish and mod looking. Will you help me decorate my house? :)

LaAna said...

Way to persevere with the chairs. A great twist on an office/sanity room. It is spunky and fun and I think it does ROCK!

Jerolyn said...

Rocking for sure. I love it. You are the bomb in the decorating department. Me...not so much haha

Redhead in Vegas said...

No worries Gini, definitely not cute (no offensive Allison). Hip, swank, mod, those are the words I would use to describe it. I love, love, love animal print. Can I come over and pretend to do stuff with you in your new fab room? We can look at each other and comment on each other's blog.

Emily said...

The ATM did give Matt an extra $20 last week. It took him 2 days to finally find someone at the bank who would take it back!

Denise said...

This room looks AMAZING, Gini!! Excellent job putting it all together - especially securing those chairs!!

Liz said...

Gini- I am VERY impressed with your decorating skills and think the chairs/rug look awesome!

Chris said...

Looks great

Allison said...

Whoa, S O R R Y . . .

how about chic, urban, swanky?

I am sure Bill will be right at home with the animal prints, but I thought he was more of a leopard man, myself, tee hee.

Brenda said...

Wow! Awesome room! I would have driven across town like you did... and I also would have prayed to the Chair God. We're a lot alike woman!

Annette said...

I thought I was the only psychotic shopper who would journey across town to another store to find what I must have!!! Those chairs & the office look great....loved the comment about the cashier!!!