Tuesday, March 31

Take Me Back Tuesday

June 1967
Holy shit. That would be me. And I am 2.
How fricken cute am I? And look, I've come full circle.....
little sweaty girl back then, hot-flashing mamma now!

This photo was taken somewhere in East Hartford, CT (I think).

Wouldn't you know I came across A FEW,
A VERY FEW old pictures. Bill worked until
his fingers bled,
he was about ready to put his fist through the computer
and then my printer,
he just gave up like a wimp,
he just couldn't figure out how to get my damn scanner working.
He made up for it by scanning these in from his office this morning.

Thanks babe.


Chris said...

THAT....looks like Connor!

Liz said...


Kim said...

Chris, I think she looks just like Garrin!

Awesome picture, Gin. That's one of my favorites. Love how you guys always claim that I have all the old pictures....

Denise said...

So freaking cute! I hope we get to see you at some point next week!!

Chris said...

I think one of your eyes is a little messed up if you enlarge that