Tuesday, March 17

Take Me Back Tuesday

October 2002
Hannah's kindergarten class Halloween Party
I'm reaching here, guys....

Connor went I guess.
It was the year Lilo and Stitch was popular.
Boy oh boy, his hair is blond!
He looks nothing like Garrin here, I don't think.
And yes, the end of October,
and we were flip-flops with our Halloween costumes.........

uhh...'cause we can!!


iVegasFamily said...

I like your Take Me Back Tuesday thing. I imagine it's a bit bittersweet to look back at these photos. It's great to see the kids grow up, but at the same time, they're growing up. Do you find yourself missing them at certain ages?

Liz said...

Flip Flops.

I wear flip-flops as early and as late as I can. Wore 'em today, in fact!


Kim said...

It's hard to believe that he was ever that little. He's changed SO much since then.

Denise said...

As I wrote on Kimberly's blog - can we add in a TMBTh? XO