Tuesday, March 10

Take Me Back Tuesday

Lock me up and throw away the key....
I had to steal this off my brother's Facebook
since he and my sister have all the old photos
and I don't seem to have any,
I was the first born and they are all of ME!

This was my baptism. Yes, mine.
I am the cute kid with the even CUTER fur muff.

Ok - so I was two or three, but that long, confusing,
dysfunctional story is for another time...

..........and place, maybe.

My grandfather and grandmother,
my mom and me,
my brother and sister's father,
and my mother's brother.

Let's play a game..
You know the one from Sesame Street?
(sing with me....)
"one of these things is NOT like the other....."
Which one doesn't belong?
Go on....take a guess.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you even had a puff!!!!!

i love pictures from the past!
sometimes when i see myself... it's like somebody else all together!
i can't find the odd thing out!
call my dufus!

LaAna said...

OK so I'll take a stab at it and say it has something to do with "Your Sister's FATHER?" Am I even close? Do tell, do tell......

Jerolyn said...

Nice MUFF!

Liz said...

Jerolyn said...
Nice MUFF!


Anyhoo - no mistaking that he's Chris' Dad!! The resemblance is definitely there. (sorry!)

Cute pic, Gini!!

Liz said...

ps - who's hand is around your mom? Is that your dad's?? It looks weird.

Kim said...

Love this picture! You were so stylish!

Don't you just love the look on Poppy's face??

Kim said...

Oh, and seeing as how you're the oldest, I'm pretty sure he's YOUR father.