Wednesday, March 25

The Purple Blanket

If you saw my Take Me Back Tuesday yesterday,
you will see in the photo, what is so lovingly referred to as
The Purple Blanket, which is next to Hannah.

That is its proper name.
That is why it is capitalized.
The Purple Blanket.

The Purple Blanket is 11, going on 12.
It is one of the 400 receiving blankets I bought or received as gifts
from Gymboree for Hannah alone, when she was a baby.
It fast became the favorite,
the preferred,
the life-long companion,
the imaginary-friend replacement.

It also became the reason for the thumb sucking.
Hold blanket, suck thumb.

So eventually, we got rid of it.
Kind of.

We lectured Hannah about buck teeth talked to her
gently, about why we needed to put away The Purple Blanket.
And we did. In a special little box up in her closet.

Well the thumb sucking ended,
and The Purple Blanket mysteriously appeared
now and again, under Hannah's covers.
Through gritting teeth, I agreed that The Purple Blanket
could be brought down from its spot permanently.

And here it is today.
(trust me when I say, I actually considered spending the many hours
it would have taken, to photoshop all the crap out of my daughter's
bedroom, but I didn't. I'm a bit short on time today.)
It is no longer one piece,

but two pieces....
with many holes....

And I don't even want to go here but....
I don't remember the last time it was laundered.
For the obvious reason that it will shred faster
that a pork shoulder that has been slow cooking for 12 hours.

And THAT would mark the end of
The Purple Blanket.

And did you happen to notice
the mascara on the bed?
Interesting combination for an 11 year old,
wouldn't you say?


Emily said...

I still have my comfort blanket, it's light aqua blue with an embroidered Winnie the Pooh on it. I let the kids and Matt use it when they're sick. Those blankies have magical powers!

Chris said...

That is too funny....

carissa... BrOwN EyEd fOx said...

i love it... good for her!
holding on to something very dear to her!

the mascara... she'll look good holding the blankie! :)

Kim said...

I love that she still has that.

The funny thing is that The Purple Blanket was so much softer and cozier than the other 400 - even though they were from the same place.

I'm kinda sad that Matthew hasn't taken to a blanket in that way.

OK, mascara? That's just too grown up for my liking...

LaAna said...

I too had a special blankie growing up but, according to my mom, I would eat the little fuzzies on it till there were big holes in it! GROSS..... I can't believe I just shared that.

Liz said...

I sucked my thumb and had a blankie.
BOTH my kids do, too.
Love that Hannah still loves The Purple Blanket.
If Abby ever gives up Lambie or Wywy gives up Woobie, I will still keep them forever.

Denise said...

I loved my blanket so much that, Miss Independent me, threw it out at age 5 and regretted it for years! There are certain siblings of mine that still have theirs!!

Debbie said...

Ok, so I know that I never comment because I am the silent reader. But I had to comment on this particular post. I still have a blanket that is 36 years old - started as Denise's and somehow ended up as mine. It is green on one side and has Winnie the Pooh characters on the other side. It can no longer be washed because of its fragile state. I am a grown woman and I am very confident that I will not get rid of this blanket. I love the purple blanket!

Jerolyn said...

K' I wasn't ever atached to a blankie...but I was attached to a stuffed dog I named Kimberly and a stuffed monkey I named Chi Chi. I still have em' both and I will NEVER EVER part with my beloved Kimberly and Chi Chi.