Sunday, March 15

Only for the birthday of a friend....

would I have even considered attempting to make THIS.
Well, last Friday I did it.
I started off with my two best friends.

Land O'Lakes Butter
my Kitchen Aid mixer.
So it starts out with 14 cake tins filled with the
cake batter.

(and it is imperative that you wear your dorky glasses while baking!)
So 14 tins divided by 3 tins in the oven = 5 batches times 12 minutes = 1 hour in the oven.
(how 'bout that math calculation??)

and then start the layering with the sticky ganache-y stuff.
uhhhh, yeah...holy crap.....
There were a few times that I thought that sucker was goin' over.

So this is it with the layer of that stuff all over it.
I actually refrigerated it that night.
(and then proceeded to get up twice to make sure
it was still standing up....)
I wanted to make the chocolate cream cheese...(hold on while
I wipe off the drool....) frosting that morning.
Here is the finished product.
Yeah, its nice looking, but I wanted to see
the inside. Couldn't wait to get to the party!
And here is the Birthday Girl.
One of my lucky friends that joined the 40 and over age group!
Go ahead, say it...."DANG you look good, girl!!!"

And so did my cake.

Cupcakes as sooooo less stressful, though!


Liz said...

I now have to try that.
I won't have an opportunity for an event worthy for a while, though so remind me.
It's awesome. Congrats!

Denise said...

Now that is what I call a cake!! It looked amazing and I'm sure it tasted the same!!

Jerolyn said...


Note:Jer's birthday is March
17th...(oh crap you got me, it's actually January 25th it was worth a try)

Kim said...

Looks awesome, Gin! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

It was too die for !!! And I stole an extra piece and guess what. . . it was better the next morning !!! Oppsssss, did I have some for breakfast !!! Yeppers !! Way to go Gini - - You Rock Sista !!

Annette said...

It turned out lovely......what a pal you are!!!