Sunday, March 29

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What is that, a Christmas tune, right?
I've got to tell you, it totally describes right here,
right now, for us at home.

The weekends, with the weather on the upswing and
Bill being home from traveling during the week, are
something we look forward to. Nice weather,
sports, hanging out together, grilling,
eating outside - so GREAT!

Saturday's now are all about soccer.
The team this year is fantastic and the
games are so exciting.
If I thought I was a crazy swim mom,
I think I pretty much have that all beat
on the soccer field.
Judging from what happened yesterday
to the coaches, with all the tension on the sidelines,
any one of us could get yellow-carded.

Here is my super star. If I didn't know better, I would think that this
is when Connor realized his father was on his way to getting in trouble.....

And here is when Connor almost nips his tongue right off......Dang he does that a lot!
Everyone couldn't be more excited for next weeks game!

As Bill and I headed out for our first visit this year, to the nursery
the kids managed to make a fort in the foyer. Breakfast was served IN the fort.
And yes, that is a basketball hoop in the foyer.
I have two boys after all......
LOVE IT when that thing is there!

So back from the nursery,
we spent the rest of the day in the backyard.
Planting new plants, fixing water lines,
moving the fireplace, cleaning all the furniture.....
letting Lucy get it all "haired-up" again,
re-vacuuming it....etc, etc.....just getting the yard ready.
To start throwing some parties I guess.

Connor decided to do the right thing and go off to the park
with a buddy of his. Get himself right out of the prospects of
having to help us. Good job Connor. You ARE smart!

Meanwhile, my two other absolutely insane children
decided to give the pool a try.
Garrin contemplating....

Hannah contemplating......

Guess who was the guinea pig?

He didn't care.

Hannah thought by going in this big twisty thing
she wouldn't get too wet.

She was right.
They had a lot of fun anyway.

So here's to many full, happy, useful, fulfilling,
fun weekends.
This was certainly a great start!!

One week before we head to Connecticut for Spring Break.
Looking for a productive week IN the house
getting ready to get 5 people on a plane
next week.


Chris said...

can't wait for you guys to get here! great pictures, hannah looks like she's 18.

Liz said...

Woo Hoooo!! Totally worth it! (waiting, I mean...)
LOVED that post!
Loved the energy and happiness that oozed from it!

LaAna said...

Alright, I am totally and completely JEALOUS right now! I love the water and swimming. I'm gonna miss swimming everyday, all day in the heat... what FUN!!!

Denise said...

Those are the kind of weekends that memories are made of! I say it often but I will say it again - I love your family!