Friday, March 20

It was bound to happen.

I am a mother of three.
So the title is nothing new to me.
Shit happens.

I have never been hesitant on explaining
my feelings for this little guy.
He has brought a renewed energy to our lives
and a greater appreciation for the fun that kids
bring to us daily. All caught up in the day to day,
has made us lose sight of that. But we seem to notice more
with him - maybe because of the gap in age between
him and his siblings - who knows....

Terrible Two's never hit our lives.
With Hannah, nor Connor.
It was always Terrible Three's.

So this all came to a head with oh, so sweet Garrin
while at one of my favorites places
to shop:

Garrin went from


faster than a candy bar
melting in my car on any given summer day here.

I could see the signs the past week or so.
He has been doing this sighing sound kinda thing,
when he's upset with something.
The best way I can describe it is a sigh mixed with a whine.

So he's been doing that, and I got right on it
and am trying to put a lid on that behavior.
It is not working.
He keeps doing it.

Well, he's a smart kid and has decided to add a little
somethin' somethin' to the mix.
So he plops himself down on the floor in a laying down position.
Thinking he is going to get this one by me,
he is smart enough to not throw himself down
in full-on tantrum mode.
So, its
a sigh/whine
with a plop.

I've gone so far as to say -
"OK Garrin. You can stay home by yourself."
I go out the garage (for added drama on my part),
slam the door, go out and start the car.
Which, I being the smarter one here, should realize
that THAT is only going to escalate his grumpy-ness.
(again, added drama on my part)
He still doesn't get over himself.

But Target.
Well, he took it to a whole other level.
And I knew it was coming.

I was putting my things on the counter checking out.
I heard the sigh/whine.
And then saw the plopping down on the
dirty, rotten, stinky, nasty, disgusting floor
in the check out aisle.

And then the tantrum.
Screaming and crying at the top of his lungs.
After a minute or so of this,
he now has snot coming out of his nose,
faster than the tears streaming down his face.

So I did what any good mother does,
and I pretended he wasn't there.
Paid for my stuff.
Got him the heck out of there.
And I still don't know what set him off.
Do you ever, though?

So here in lies the next phase of my son's life.
It's gonna be quite a ride, I am sure!!


Kim said...

Seriously - how beautiful is that boy? I'm stealing that collage.

He's gonna give you a run for your money. But, you are surely up to the task!

Jerolyn said...

I have also always maintained that the terrible"s" are far worse at age 3 than they are at age 2...

and we are living proof of that now at our house too!!

LaAna said...

All I need to say is #3! My third does stuff that my other 2 boys NEVER did. Eddie likes to say that he is just like me and that's the problem.... yeah, what does he know?
Anywhoo, if you figure it out, please feel free to clue me in.....

Anonymous said...

What an amazing collage of photos of the "monster" - - Garrin, my sweet, loving, kiss stealing, naked boy, Garrin - not him !!! I LOVE the expressions in your writing . . . sign, whine, plop, . . . the visual in my mind is amazing !!! As usual, thanks for "keeping it REAL!"

hugs to you Sista !!

Liz said...

(is that the same "anonymous"? did you figure out who that is?)

Anyway - I love that story and I love that your precious baby is giving you a run for it - and I love that you probably think that it makes him even cuter.
(it does - it's so funny how it does)

iVegasFamily said...

You were so busy dealing with the tantrum that you didn't notice us enforcing a public time out in the corner near the patio furniture. Yeah, we can relate.

Silverado Ranch Target? I am shocked that we haven't crossed paths. Or didn't notice.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

riley is FOUR... and she did that just the other day in target! :)

all i know... you painted the perfect picture... i could just see him there... all cute snot & all!

why DO they do that! :)

patty said...

ya know that song, "juuuuust breathe..." that phrase just spontaneously appears in my ears during moments like this! oh, i hope it isn't such a bad terrible twos for either of you!