Friday, March 13

Dear Ms. Preschool Teacher -

(you know who you are, missy)
You know I love you. Truly, totally. I love most people who love
my kids. But you hold a special place in my heart. Anyone who deals
with the special education of children, is an angel in my book.

All the papers that come home everyday in Garrin's backpack
make me so happy that he is learning. We sit and talk about how his day
was and he is always happy talking about it. And speaking of talking,
WOW. He has made leaps and bounds....(hopefully not too
many as to keep his IEP open......) But really, huge improvements.
And for that - I thank you.

The social interaction also has be phenomenal.
He is growing into a well rounded, happy little boy.

His favorite thing to do when he gets home is to go right into his
backpack and take out his papers, his folder, and any little treasure
he has been allowed to take from the treasure chest in class.
He was surely most happy when he came home Wednesday,
and took out the cute little plastic Dora tooter. He toot-tooted that thing
all afternoon.

Imagine my surprise at his exuberance in unpacking
his backpack YESTERDAY! I wanted to treat you to a little sampling of
his excited-ness over today's treasure. And again .......

Thank you so much.....I love you.

not just a little plastic tooter, but a horn

OK- right about now - I am reconsidering some of that love.......................
The Love Meter just went waaaay down, my friend.


iVegasFamily said...

Wait...he gets a treasure from a treasure chest EVERYDAY? I wish we had that at work.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! At my house we have a little pesky gnome who likes to steal those things when the kids are sleeping.

LaAna said...

Are you sure that said teacher (who knows who she is) has the same love for you? Cause after that little treasure I might rethink it too!

Kim said...

OK, this is my 4th time trying to post this comment...

That thing even sounds loud in the video - I can't imagine what it sounds like in person!

Love that boy!

katt said...

I just love the music teacher too -- those neon colored recorders are almost as bad!

Gini said...

Kathleen - I "forgot" to pay for one for Connor.....but he cornered me the other day and I had to give in...yeah....I especially love when he plays it in the car on the drive home....

Annette said...

Thanks for my late night laugh.....his eyes just sparkle....