Thursday, March 19

A Day of Red

Today is St. Joseph's Day for us,

I'm just about right off the boat as I was in yesterday's
post about St. Patrick's Day.
But Italian/Sicilian was promenint
within our family dynamic.

Partial dedication of this post goes out
to my dear friend Leslie and her family
who need all of our prayers to St. Joseph, to sell
her stinking house in TN that way they can move
closer to me, to AZ. You know, because it's all about me!
Now that she has buried him
properly in her front yard, and has the prayer she
needs to recite incessantly - St. Joe should come through soon.

The one thing Facebook has been good for, is helping
Leslie and I reconnect after many years apart. I thank
God everyday for my true friends, and am sad that her and I
missed so much time, sharing, love, and fun. That is true
friendship. It's palpable, sincere, and honest.

And yup,
didn't get any of these today.

A. Like I really need this indulgence right now.
B. I live in Las Vegas for heaven's sake, and we don't
have any Little Italy around here.
C. I am also praying to St. Joseph to let the bakery's
back east continue making these through Easter,
since we will be traveling back in a couple of weeks.

So today is a day full of red.
I actually had written a bitch post.
Bitching bitching and more bitching,
but with much thought decided to keep it to myself
because, to be perfectly honest,
I felt pretty good after I wrote it.
I talked about it with my most understanding and
down to earth husband with thinks far more logically
than I ever do, and talking with him really helped too.
The jist of it all was pertaining to the fact
that there are many things that are angering me lately.

Things that I have no control over. And as a matter of fact,
at times, I put myself right into said situation purposefully,
and then get pissed off. Why? I ask myself often. Why?

So I am stepping away from a few things,
because I DO have control over setting myself up
to get mad.

And this just reminds me that it is always good
to see the glass half full....

even if that glass is bigger than your sweet little face.

And leaving you with a little more red from my front yard.

Since the two humongous plants that graced by backyard

are dead.....oh well.

I have my red shirt on

and I am ready to greet the day.

Happy Day to you.


Denise said...

Happy St. Joseph's Day!! Looking foward to seeing you when you are visiting the Northeast! XO

Olivia said...

Gini- THANK YOU so much for your love and your friendship. You have touched my heart more than you can imagine, and I feel so blessed that we are back in each other's lives. You are now stuck with me until we are old and grey...and REALLY bitchy! Love you so much!

Leslie said...

That post was from me, Leslie. Not sure why my lovely daughter's name came up. Aah...because I didn't change the account name.

LaAna said...

Isn't it nice to have good husbands that can put our craziness into perspective. Glad you worked it out, although I think it would have been fun to read your rant! Oh, might I just add that I am totally jealous of your green thumb. If I can't get things to grow here I give up!

Liz said...

Ditto exactly what LaAna said about husbands and rants - and I have to ask - what is that amazing looking pastry thing you pictured?!?!

Bill, the husband!! said...

I am AWESOME!!!!!!!

the whipping post. Bill said...

you need to start your alter ego blog..... where you can just rant and get shit off your mind, where you do not need to be so.... correct!

love you.... you can bitch to me any day!! AND YOU SHOULD POST YOUR ORIGINAL POST, IT IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL, A CLEANSING!. TAKE IT FROM ME, those that can handle the truth will love you in the end... xoxo

Kim said...

How did I not comment on this yesterday? I read it and I guess just never commented!

So, Happy Belated St. Joseph's Day!

And, I think it's a good choice to do what you have to do to stop stuff from getting to you. I should take a lesson!

Funny, as I'm packing up my office today to move to a new building, I came across a quote I cut out years and years ago that I always have up on my office wall. It says - "Take charge of your attitude. Don't let someone else choose it for you." Good advice.