Friday, March 6

Can't catch a break.

Well this was the breakfast table yesterday, for the boys.
They are still kinda sick.
But not the kinda sick to NOT go to school.
And besides, it was my day to volunteer in Connor's class.
So if I had to go.......he was going.

So to lighten the somber mood,
I pulled out the camera,
which Connor loves. He loves to take dumb pictures.
So I was trying to hold up the gargantuan Canon Rebel we have
to take some silly pictures of us.
1. The camera is just too damn heavy to do that.
2. Connor was not cooperating. He just didn't want to be silly.

Back on point.

So we leave late, as usual, much to Connors repetitiously, daily, dismay.
No time to play with his buddies before flag salute.
I have to go park and walk Garrin to his class and sign into school.

So I head into Connor's class. The kids have to leave for an early
morning assembly, so they are scurrying around the room
preparing to turn in their math homework.

Now Connor is already as white as a ghost, his hair is mussed
up from putting a hoodie on, and suddenly I see the "deer in headlights"
look come across his face. He appears to be confused, unorganized,
pretty disheveled. (and my heart is breaking).

Well, Mr. Connor forgot to do his math homework.

Now he is

The students get what's called a H.A.M. (homework
assignments missing) when they forget their homework -
which Connor has avoided so far,
at all costs.
Now, he's gonna get one, for sure.
And he is realizing it.
(now this may seem that this happened over a span of 5 minutes
or so when in fact, maybe 10 or 15 seconds have passed
and my heart is still breaking)

As the kids are now lining up for the assembly, they take
the lunch count for the kids buying lunch -
and that, my friends, is when my son realizes
that he ALSO forgot his lunchbox.
NOW he's about ready to hop in the car, head back home
and start the day new.
So I whisper to him "Just buy lunch today"
and he looks at me like I asked him to sit down to a plate
of dog doo-doo and wash it down with a bottle of bleach.

Not happening.....
so I told him I'd go home and get him his lunchbox.

By now I pretty much just want to scoop him up in my arms,
rock him close to my breast,
and sing him a lullaby.

No, seriously - I felt awful.

So I did what any good mom would do.
I drove home.
Grabbed his lunchbox
and wrote him a quick little note to
read, when he opened it up.

It read:
Aren't you glad I didn't
pack you a H.A.M. sandwich?"


Allison said...

Poor 'lil guy! Aren't you glad you were there for him? Love the cafeteria lunch description--I always avoided that at ALL COSTS--you never knew when you were going to get the mystery meat or the cooked-to-mush-and-stinking green beans. NICE NOTE!

Jerolyn said...


Must be rough trying to hold up the gargantuan Canon Rebel
(camera name dropper...brat!)

Our new school doesn't hand out stupid H.A.M's thus taking the "stress factor" down about 10 notches. (Another reason I love said new school.)

and C~~
I'm with Conner on the doggy doo doo/bleach hot lunch...I would have done the same by running home and grabbing the lunch box. Hell I've had to run home after arriving to school and grab forgotten shoes so why not lunch right???

LaAna said...

So THAT'S the awesome camera you have... need one of those for sure!
I feel your pain on the "look" that breaks your heart and sends you screeching back home to retrieve missing item. Even though they say to let your kids fall sometimes to learn, it's obvious that "they" have never seen the look that makes your eyes water....
Oh, and look how clever you are with the note. Too good!

iVegasFamily said...

Sucky day, but a brilliant note.

Liz said...

Great story, Gini - loved it. I know the feelings (on a 3-year old level, anyway) and would have done the same thing (though perhaps not with the same amount of wit... H.A.M. - HA! What is that exactly, anyway, like a red HAM sign they have to wear all day or something?)

Kim said...

You are quite the ham, Gini! Hah! I'm sure your note cheered him up, and gave him the same feeling of being loved as swooping him up in your arms would have done.

Isn't it funny how different things are? We would have killed to have Mommy tell us to just buy lunch! BTW, you are the S.P.I.T.T.I.N.G. image of her in that picture. YLB!

Kim said...

Oh, and, LOVE the new design!

Denise said...

When Connor thinks back on his childhood and growing up, he will remember that note as one of the many wonderful, funny things that you did for him. XO

connor said...

the mucinex is terrible but garrins rock!!!!!!