Saturday, March 28

Bill got a card today.

Well, it wasn't a greeting card.
And it didn't come in the mail.

It was at the soccer game today.
And it was a yellow card.
Typically a soccer player can get a yellow card for any
number of offenses. 2 yellow cards to a player results in
removal from the soccer field. Today Coach Bill got one for
"talking back" to the referee - NOT under his breath........

(this is the actual referee, but I had to photoshop in a yellow card
because my battery died in my camera right before this happened)

Within a few minutes of Bill getting yellow carded for mouthing
off to the referee, his assistant coach got one as well for the same thing.
Made for an exciting game today.


Kim said...

Holy cow! I'm sure whatever he said needed to be said!

Denise said...

That is the Bill we all know and love!!!

n said...

that is super funny!!! how old are the kids playing... aren't they just young. Go bill go!

Coach Bill said...

some things just need to be said... and as always, the one to say them. Someone has to stick up for the team!!