Thursday, February 26

Why this little bit of independence....

probably won't be a good thing....
in the end.

Bill and I have over the span of 11 years of parenting,
been all for letting the kids try things on their own
when they have asked - within reason of course.
We both grew up knowing at a fairly young age
that it was a necessity to become strong and independent.
And we totally want that for our kids.

That being said, we all know that loosening the ties,
can create havoc sometimes. Messes we end up having to clean,
things being broken, boo boo's needing bandages...
you get my point.

So yesterday, we were very surprised to come upon one
of those examples of our kids trying to be independent.....
While I will certainly take the time when asked for help,
I actually love the pampering of something so simple as nail painting.
But there just comes a time when they want to try to do
this on their own. Get their hands dirty,
experience the little sting from nail polish remover,
the tickling of nail filing.

But the end result - oh, so pretty though.

Yup, that's my

Painting his own toenails.

Without asking us.

Half naked.

In Gap underwear.

Sitting on the coffee table.

He was not happy with the end result.
He kept telling me his feet were dirty and he
wanted me to wash them.
I see by this picture, too, that I should have
used a little more polish remover when
taking off THE BLACK POLISH he asked me to put
on over the weekend, huh???

3 year old


red nail polish

not good....


Allison said...

Funny--I just discovered the wonder that is Magic Eraser--after James covered every available surface in the kitchen with the only NON-washable crayon in his craft box. Hey--at least Garrin isn't painting his nails with a Sharpie!

Kim said...

Oh my....

I agree - you have to let them figure certain things out on their own.

So, I don't see any nail polish on the coffee table. Did he manage to keep it all on his toes? I can't even do that!

Liz said...

Honestly, I think he did a damn good job for being a 3 year old boy.
That is cute.
Now - go put your nail polish on a high shelf. :)

LaAna said...

TROU-BLE!!! Now you're asking for it. I agree with Liz, you better put those up high...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i think it's GREAT... he is going to grow up to be the BEST husband... listener... dad... gift buyer! :)

i wish my husband had a little of that!

Denise said...


Jerolyn said...

HELL NO! Nail polish on the coffee table? Not havin' it. Ellie can become strong and independent with....sidewalk chalk...on her toes...outside!